‘My Lover Cindy’ is the first song inspired by The L Word!

It was inevitable, really. When you think about it, why would there not be a song inspired by The L Word, especially when it comes to a phrase that is now arguably part of the core fabric of lesbian culture. Who among lesbians – and all L Word fans, for that matter –  can forget Dawn Denbo and her lover Cindy? Note: The character’s name was apparently supposed to be spelled Cindi, not Cindy, but we are going to let this slide because who are we to nit-pick? The point is, My Lover Cindy is the title of a new song that is out now on digital and CD, and you should probably give it a listen, even for the title alone.


AfterEllen came across the news of the namesake song yesterday on The Cut. Marika Hackman, an English singer/songwriter who is known not to shy away from topics concerning life as a gay woman in our present culture, has released her new album I’m Not Your Man, and on it is the track that caught our attention.

With all the talk of a a possible revival of The L Word, the song couldn’t have come at a better time. In an interview, the twenty-five year-old indie-folk/rock/however you want to describe her music/ recording artist told The Cut that the song title was an inside joke between herself and her girlfriend, stating in the June 20 interview: “At the beginning of our relationship, we were watching The L Word and we thought [calling someone] ‘my lover Cindy’ was so funny. We decided it would be a really great band name.”

Instead, it became a song on I’m Not Your Man, obviously. But My Lover Cindy is certainly not the only reason you should check out Hackman’s latest album. Songs like Boyfriend confront the ways men have been known to sexualize lesbian relationships, which as most women in same-sex pairings understand, is infuriating.

For your listening and viewing pleasure, here are the music videos to both My Lover Cindy and Boyfriend.


Find out where to buy and follow Marika Hackman HERE.

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