The Best and Worst Dating Apps For Lesbian and Bisexual Women

Being a lesbian is often all about deciphering whether or not women are interested in you. There is no code. There is no rainbow bat signal. All we have is intuition, and although that serves us right most of the time, our gaydar is sometimes off. That’s why dating apps are EVERYTHING in the gay community. Luckily, there are LGBT dating apps— but are they any good? Are they worth our precious gay time? Let’s start with the ones we like.


Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 2.49.37 PM



  • It’s really easy to use and fun!
  • Free for the basics
  • Online scam protection (no fake profiles or catfish situations)
  • We adore the creators of this app, the lovely Wegan, and all they’ve done to support femme lesbian visibility.


  • Not a lot of members (yet) in certain cities.

Summary: Overall, the site is easy to use, free, current and overall enjoyable. And note:  it’s not just for femmes to use, it’s for anyone who dates femmes! Butches, bois, and everyone who is femme attracted, check it out!



  • It has a sleek design.
  • It’s easy to meet women and women are often responsive
  • You can find a lot of women in your general vicinity.
  • It lets you show your age, sexual orientation, and height right up front


  • There are a lot of in-app purchase reminders.
  • A lot of the app is blocked off specifically for premium users, so expect to pay in order to enjoy this app.
  • too many notifications from the app’s blog. You might want to turn those off.

Summary:  Although it’s never fun to pay for an app, it’s worth it to pay for the premium account if you’re really looking to meet ladies.


Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 3.42.47 PM



  • Great for women wanting something serious.
  • Excellent for older women.
  • There’s a fun questionnaire at the beginning.


  • This app is expensive. It costs $19.99/month.
  • You are blocked from viewing other users photos or profiles until you pay for the app.
  • There’s a long questionnaire at the beginning.
  • It feels sort of outdated and cheesy

Summary: Overall I can’t say much about this app because it costs money to begin browsing. This app could be ideal for older women and women looking to spend an extra 20 dollars a month. Is it worth it? I’m not so sure.



  • Could be great for women wanting something serious.
  • This app spends time getting to know you in order to find your ideal match.


  • It costs money.
  • Not a lot of lesbians seem to be on the site.
  • It’s never easy to find matches.
  • It feels outdated.

Summary: might be an excellent place for gay women looking to settle down, but the options are very limited. It could be a great app to try for a month to find the few gay women out there on it. If you’re interested in forking over some cash to test it out, it could be great—or really, really depressing.



  • Plenty of users, so finding women who date women should be easy.
  • the interface is appealing and sraightforward
  • Easy to navigate


  1. You won’t know who’s gay
  2. Limited swipes unless you pay

Bumble’s big feminist twist—only girls can send the first message—is rendered irrelevant by lesbianism. Lesbianism: where girls always have to send the first message. Feminists be copying. Once you’ve made a match on Bumble, the pressure is on to move quickly or miss out. If no one says something within the first 24 hours, the connection disappears forever! Making the first move has always been a massive pain in our gay asses, and a ticking clock might be just what queer girls need to swallow their shyness and just say “Hey!”

Bumble is not a lesbian or gay app, BUT they are inclusive of all sexualities, and there seem to be lesbian and bi women using the app.

And now for the creepers…



  • You can find lesbian/bi women.
  • It’s easy to use.


  • You may find a lot of straight girls wanting to experiment for the first time.
  • Expect several messages about threesomes with dudes.
  • The in-app purchase notifications are annoying.
  • Prepare for dirty spam messages. CONSTANTLY.
  • Really bad customer service with multiple lesbians reporting the site’s refusal to stop men from sending harassing messages.
  • Even though it says you can filter by gender and sexual orientation, you can’t.
  • The paid version doesn’t offer anything more than the free version. HACK: The app claims that paying gives you the upgrade of seeing likes, but you’ll know who likes you even if you don’t pay because they’ll show up in your double take.

Summary: If you’ve got a thick skin and you have the time to commit to blocking dozens of profiles then sure.




  • Swiping is fun…kinda.
  • It’s catfish proof! You have to log into your Facebook account to join the app.
  • It’s easy to use.
  • The women are attractive.


  • This is a site mainly for men and heterosexual women.
  • Your feed will be flooded with dudes.
  • It’s impossible to know if the women you’re swiping right for are gay or straight.
  • You won’t find many matches.
  • There are a lot of men looking for “hot lesbians.
  • The premium versions are $$$$


Overall, Tinder and Ok Cupid are both nasty, germ-filled, dude swamps, but Ok Cupid is where you’ll get catfished. HER needs work. Match and Compatible Partners are outdated. Find femmes is safe, and we have some hope for Bumble. Next, we’ll try out and add Zoe to the list. Have you tried it? Which apps are you having luck with? Let us know!