VIDEO: Where to find the lesbians during pride season!

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Video Journalists: Sarah Woodward and Lily Khuu

Lesbian Parties During Pride

Dyke March Festival | Captured by Lily Khuu

It’s no secret that most Pride festivals are a gay boy’s paradise.  So, what about the lesbos?  Where do we get wild and crazy and dance so hard we can feel the fabulous homosexual energy ooze through our veins? Lesbian event planners have got you covered.  AfterEllen searched for the lesbians during Pride Season 2017 in Los Angeles, Long Beach, and San Francisco and this is where we found them.

Queertainment Events

From the gayborhood in West Hollywood to the valley in North Hollywood, Queertainment is a team of LGBT activists who throw themed events.  The dance parties are produced by members of AfterEllen’s staff Lily Khuu (moi) and Sarah Woodward.

Queertainment's feminist dance party, Matriarchy
Queertainment’s feminist dance party, Matriarchy | Photographer: Melina Rodriguez

Matriarchy is their weekly feminist dance party featuring interactive political art like protest sign making, a debate wall, and custom designed feminist swag.  It is held every Thursday at Revolver Bar in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA.  During Pride season, Matriarchy features a rebellious no-rainbows black and white party with signs and shirts featuring simply the word “GAY.” in monochromatic colors.

Queertainment's feminist dance party, Matriarchy
Queertainment’s feminist dance party, Matriarchy | Photographer: Sarah Woodward

Honey Pot is their monthly lesbian night at The Other Door bar in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, CA every month.  It is bee-themed, the event name being based on a euphamism for vagina with the slogan being, “Lick honey.”  You can expect to see light shows by hoop dancers and a bumble bee gogo dancing mascot bouncing around buzzed on unique cocktails from the the friendly female bartenders.  The bar itself has secret rooms like a lounge area which is only accessible through a vintage photobooth and a smoking patio through an unmarked door.  The entrance to the bar itself is hidden behind a wall of magazine racks.  During Pride Season Honey Pot conforms to the standard pride colors with their dancers rainbowing up from head-to-toe.  Find out when the next one is on their website at

Queertainment's monthly lesbian dance party, Honey Pot
Queertainment’s monthly lesbian dance party, Honey Pot | Photographer: Molly Adams

In addition to Matriarchy and Honey Pot, Queertainment is always hosting other pop-up events like the recently hosted PURR and House Music Mayhem.  They are currently producing a new interactive art and dance party to be held at Los Angeles’ unique venue, Fais Do Do.

Uhaul SF

Uhaul SF

Based in San Francisco, this “For Girls Who Love Girls” pop-up event has been serving ladies who are attracted to ladies for quite some time.  During the 2017 Pride Season they took over multiple San Francisco venues to hold a string of parties lasting all weekend long, starting on Friday with a kick-off party, continuing on Saturday and Sunday with pride event after-parties, and ending on Monday with a chill VIP champagne get together.

Dyke Day LA

Dyke Day LA
Dyke Day LA

The title itself reclaiming the slur “dyke” as an empowering reference to lesbian-identified women, this event is filled with LGBT people who aren’t afraid to dance in the park in full-blown daylight.  Live mixing female DJs blast music among a field of trees and queer women get their groove on in the grass with fellow lesbians.

Le Mingle

Image by Anna Falzetta of Phuk-It Foto
Photographer: Anna Falzetta of Phuk-It Foto

As summer hits its peak of steamy discomfort, a pool party out in the Hollywood Hills is the perfect cure.  This fundraising benefit features DJs, raffles, and arts n’ crafts.  There were many celesbians in attendance at the Le Mingle 2017 summer bash.  Rose Garcia of The Real L-Word partied it up poolside.  Lee Dawn Hershey of the soon-to-be released movie God Made Man and producer of the Ruby Rose featured Girls With Flair! participated in a charity dating auction bidding on our AfterEllen reporter Lily Khuu.  YouTubers like Bria Kam, Chrissy Chambers, Hannah Hart, and Sarah Croce hung out with the AfterEllen team while custom cutting their own Queertainment produced “GAY.” pride shirts.  Models Madison Paige and Terra Juana were seen mingling with fellow pool partiers.  Cocktail waitresses served an abundance of Jell-O shots as attendees dove for dildos during a fundraising game.

Milk Milk Lemonade

Photographer: Alexis Ryan Britt

Covered in pinatas and inflatables, this LGBT dance party is a fun time-machine back into your childhood.  Expect huge paper mâchè pineapples and blown up palm trees.  Milk Milk Lemonade hosts pop-up parties around Los Angeles like their monthly at The Bardot, seasonal bashes, and they recently produced a multi-room party Box Office in an old theatre featuring DJs, tattoo artists, visual projections, and live art.  If you want to jump into a ball pit after downing some shots, you’ve found your place.

HER Parties

Featured: Los Angeles HER City Lead, Anna Goodman
Los Angeles HER City Lead, Anna Goodman | Photographer: Alexis Ryan Britt

The HER dating app now hosts parties throughout the world run by local LGBT party planners who produce dance parties under the brand’s name.  The events feature live DJs, special guests, and fun competitions to win prizes like event tickets and gift cards.

Dyke March (San Francisco)

Dyke March San Francisco

The Dyke March was originally started to increase lesbian visibility while also word-reclaiming the slur “dyke”.  It now exists as an umbrella organization to protest against organizations and institutions viewed as  harmful to the LGBTQ community as a whole. During the gathering before the protest in San Francisco, you can find hundreds of lesbians hosting their own private parties on the grass under canopies, playing their own music, and serving beer out of kegs while performers on the main stage send entertainment throughout the entrance of the park in between speeches passionately shouted by guest speakers.

So, if you’re wondering where to find your fellow dykes during Pride Season, we’ve found them for you!