The lesbian winter party you don’t wanna miss!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to devastation from the Southern California fires, the Good Witch winter solstice party has been rescheduled to Saturday, January 27th, as an enchanted Wizard of Oz party and will be located at The Other Door in Los Angeles, CA.

Watch The Video:

A Wizard of Oz inspired Winter Solstice party will celebrate the new moon this December 14th, 2017 at Lez Parties’ Good Witch themed dance party in West Hollywood, CA.  The event will feature dancing snow witches, remixed winter jams, a Glinda The Good Witch psychic tarot reader, rainbow snow, photos with Ms. Sexy Santa, surprise gifts under a tall white evergreen decked out in fairy lights, and enchanted OZ inspired scenery including pink fog and dance floor bubbles.  You can RSVP HERE at

The venue where Good Witch will be hosted by AfterEllen staff Lily Khuu.

The dance party is being hosted by AfterEllen staff writer Lily Khuu who has been hosting lesbian events for the past two years in Southern California.  The DJ lineup includes Kara Ford and Lily Khuu who specialize in house and hip-hop remixes.  They will be spinning remixed versions of classics like The Nutcracker’s Sugar Plum Fairy. Dancer Jade Show and psychic reader Annalisa Rodriguez will be entertaining guests while Sofia Weinberg dawns a golden thrown as Ms. Sexy Santa for holiday photos.  Professional videographer Sarah Woodward will be running around with her 4K camera capturing the fun on video!

A special discount is being provided for AfterEllen readers who text LEZPARTIES to 55498.

A list of some of the talent:

Kara Ford

DJ Kara will be performing at lesbian winter solstice party Good Witch.

Lily Khuu

Lily Khuu will be DJing and hosting the lesbian winter solstice party Good Witch.

Sofia Weinberg

Sofia Weinberg will be Ms.Sexy Santa for the lesbian winter solstice party Good Witch.

Jade Show

Jade Show will be go-go dancing as a snow witch for the lesbian winter solstice party Good Witch.

Annalisa Rodriguez

Annalisa Rodriguez will be providing psychic tarot readings for the lesbian winter solstice party Good Witch.

Sarah Woodward

Professional videographer and AfterEllen Staff, Sarah Woodward, will be capturing the fun at Good Witch with her 4K video camera.

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