Lez Dish It Out: Your Monthly Les/Bi News Roundup

Attention all hibernating lesbians and bisexuals, spring is officially here! Climb out from under your blankets, get your asses to Dinah, and let’s soak up some sunshine. March has been a busy month as we dust the snow off, march for our lives, and fill our martini glasses, and get ready to vote for Miranda.

So what’s been happening in lesbo-land and in the bi-beyond the last few week? Lez find out!

Cynthia Nixon is running for governor of New York and gal pals are so in.

In case you’ve been living under a rock, I’m here to tell you that Miranda is ready to fulfill her true calling on politics. We all love her, we all want to claim her as ours, and regardless of the label she does or does not want to slap onto herself and whether she’ll be the first lesbian, second bisexual, etc etc., elected governor, this is HUGE.

After she announced her candidacy, of course the media frenzy went wild. The whole “unqualified lesbian” debacle really only catapulted Nixon’s brand, because she took total ownership and her campaign started selling swag. Grab your button here. In this Donald Trump age, any celebrity candidacy is bound to spark an actual intelligent conversation about qualifications, and Nixon has plenty. Any debate as to how seriously she’s taking this can be silenced by just a quick glance at her Twitter.

As if it’s any surprise, Miranda came to play.

In case you were wondering where that rest of the girls were going to come into play, both Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) have officially endorsed their on screen BFF. The word’s still out on Samantha.

Lena Waithe is everywhere and everything.

If you haven’t purchased a copy of the latest Vanity Fair graced with Lena Waithe’s presence and filled with eloquent and powerful words from Jacqueline Woodson, stop reading this and get one immediately.

Here’s my favorite line from the introduction of this piece:

Already you know there isn’t a mirror the television is holding up to you; there isn’t a child like you on the screen. Not in the 1990s. Not yet.

Also, while making her rounds during promotion for her new film Ready Player One, Waithe stopped by to chat with the ladies on The View and had a few words to say about celebrities who are hesitant to come out of the closet. She encourages celebrities who want to keep a lid on their private lives to come out and be a “beacon of light” for young people who struggle to see themselves anywhere in the world. You can watch the interview here: