Lesbians show up on “In Plain Sight”

Finally, Mary McCormack had a lesbian scene on In Plain Sight.

While we would’ve preferred that McCormack actually had been one of the lesbians, we’ll take what we can get. Besides, when Kelly Hu and Sherilyn Fenn play the lesbians, we can’t complain.

Fenn plays Helen, a master counterfeiter who is now in the witness protection program. Seems that Helen’s ex-girlfriend, Ahn Li (Hu) went into the closet, literally, with Helen’s male partner-in-crime and Helen caught them playing tongue hockey.

Responding as any normal lesbian counterfeiter would, Helen turned herself and her partner in to the Secret Service.

The story gets a little complicated at that point and I don’t want to spoil it for you. Suffice it to say that the counterfeiting ring was not your normal, run-of-the-mill criminal operation and, as a result, Helen is hiding from all sorts of dangerous types — including the CIA.

Helen misses Ahn — and who wouldn’t? Even Mary thinks she’s hot. But eventually, she settles into a new life with a new girlfriend. Until said girlfriend turns up dead and Helen is the prime suspect.

The good news about the story is that even though the lesbians are pretty screwed up, it’s not because they’re lesbians. And we do get to see a little Sapphic snogging before all is said and done.

We have to endure one semi-gratuitous scene in a lesbian bar where Marshall practically drools at the sight of the forbidden fruits (yawn), but Mary’s awesomeness makes it bearable.

Here’s hoping that some day, writers can feature lesbian characters without throwing in a tired joke about straight men getting turned on by them.

The episode, “Let’s Get It Ahn,” repeats Tuesday at midnight and Thursday at 11 p.m., ET, and will be available for viewing at the USA website next week.

Did you see In Plain Sight this week? What did you think of the lesbian storyline? How do you like this season of Mary’s excellent adventure?