Cinema Systers All Lesbian Film Festival is Back!

We’re always happy to discover more LGBT films and film festivals, and it’s pretty awesome to discover there is one that is specifically for lesbians. And no, it’s not in LA or NYC or Miami where you might expect to find it. Cinema Systers Film Festival takes place over Memorial Day weekend in rural Paducah, Kentucky, and features live music, a feminist art show, a dance party, meals, and other events in addition to the film festival itself. To date, it is the only all-lesbian film festival in the USA. Their mission: 

Lesbians have been an acutely under-represented voice in the film industry.  The mission of this festival is to strengthen, enrich and connect this diverse community of women/womyn, and provide an outlet for their art. We intend to build bridges among audiences, filmmakers and the community at large through the exhibition of Lesbian produced films and other events scheduled throughout the weekend.

B. Daniell Watkins will be presenting “The Art of the Filmmaker” workshop.  Watkins, an author, screenwriter and film maker, produced “Parallel The Documentary” based on her time at the inaugural Cinema Systers Film Festival as the first and only African-American Filmmaker. “Parallel The Documentary” has since been screened in two countries overseas, as well as the most recent full circle journey at Outreels Film Festival 2017.  “Parallel The Documentary” can now be viewed on Amazon Prime.

With few lesbian spaces and events, this is a gem of a find and a great opportunity to make new connections and hang out with other lesbians in a fun and safe environment. It’s also a lot cheaper than Dinah Shore Weekend (but you should definitely go to that next year if you can!) and Paducah looks absolutely lovely.

Check out this year’s film lineup and let us know if you attend!