Vocal Lesbian Feminist Magdalen Berns Assaulted, Suspect at Large

On May 26th, vocal lesbian feminist and popular YouTube vlogger, , posted on Twitter “I just got beaten up by a random bloke on the street.” Fans were concerned that the attack was potentially a gay bashing, as she is routinely threatened online.

Luckily a guardian angel jumped in to defend her–a man–who took the worst of the blows. Berns wrote, “He got knocked out trying to stop this lunatic and possibly saved my life in the process.”

According to Berns, an ambulance and police came to the scene, and there is “good CCTV footage” of the incident, so she’s hoping they will catch her attacker.

Hundreds of lesbians, including leaders in the lesbian community, such as fellow popular YouTube vlogger, Arielle Scarcella, have shown their support. Although the two YouTubers sometimes disagree on political points and even play at those disagreements in their videos, they ultimately prioritize an environment where women support one another and engage in open dialogue.

So many in the community are just now learning of the news and are disappointed that (as is so often the case with lesbians and more specifically butch lesbians) there has been no coverage of this attack in “LGBTQ” media.

A year ago, Berns revealed she’d been suffering from a brain tumor and would be getting brain surgery. After the surgery, she kept fans updated on her recovery.

Thus far, there have been no further updates about the attack and her assailant is still at large.