Another Lesbian Couple Assaulted, This Time in Boston

A lesbian couple, Michelle Hart and Kelly Gonyer, were dining at Dockside Restaurant in Malden, north of Boston, on Wednesday night, when a man assaulted them.

According to Boston News 7, the couple claims that the man (a stranger) was sitting at the restaurant’s bar when he saw them kiss and began yelling homophobic slurs.

“I kissed her,” Gonyer said. “That is what provoked everything… he came around and said, ‘you want to act like a man, you’re going to get beat like a man.’”

The attacker left Hart with a fractured cheekbone, swelling, and an injured ankle

Gonyer was punched several times and suffered a gash above her right eye, which was sealed shut using glue.

Gonyer posted a picture of her swollen eyes and gash

Hart was taken to the hospital on a stretcher. She suffered injuries to two ligaments in her ankle and has a fractured cheek bone. Hart said she was in “excruciating pain.”

Hart is on crutches

A representative of Dockside Restaurant stated that Michelle has been a good customer “for several years” and they are “very concerned about the girls.” 

The police are still reviewing the restaurant’s security footage. Capt Marc Gatcomb told News 7, “We’re reinterviewing everyone involved.” 

Both women feel certain this was a hate crime. Hart was disappointed that police did not arrest the unnamed man. There’s been a lack of media coverage, as is often the case when lesbians are assaulted.

The couple plans to attend Boston Pride this weekend. Hart wrote “Black/White/Gay/Straight..It doesn’t matter as long as there is love.” Hopefully these two will feel tons of love and happiness at Pride this weekend.


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