‘Different For Girls’ is Your New Favorite Lesbian Soap Opera

Rachel Shelley and Caroline Whitney Smith in Different For Girls

Different For Girls is a new British melodrama with intrigue, betrayal, and sex on par with The L Word.

Different For Girls: The Whole Story features a group of lesbian and bisexual women whose lives and loves revolve around children, marriage, betrayal and divorce. We’re looking at the “Real Lesbian Housewives of West London,” but with a lot more drink, drugs, and sex than the network guilty pleasures you’re used to. The three-part series is based on the novel of the same name by Jacquie Lawrence.

This is the flagship show for Lesbian Box Office, Europe’s first channel devoted to lesbian content.

The show is full of gorgeous femme women, but there’s not a butch to be found. It’s a wonderful bit of lesbian representation, but as is so commonly the case, a sort of mass-appeal lesbian. Creator Jacquie Lawrence (UK readers may recognize from Dyke TV, Queer Street and Coming Out Night) says: “We wanted to represent lesbians who live in the suburbs, who are more likely to meet their future partners at the school gates than at a club in Soho.”

Most of the cast members in this ensemble identify somewhere under the LGBT umbrella. Rachel Shelley, who played Helena on The L Word, plays Brooke.

Also listen closely in the closeout/credits of episode two for AfterEllen favorite, Be Steadwell’s beautiful song “running.”

Watch episodes HERE.