Our take on Roséwave, Your Sapphic Summer Soundtrack

Summer is in full swing, and so are the backyard cookouts, rooftop pools, long days that set into balmy nights. Whether you’re lounging, hanging with friends, maybe recreating summer camp by setting off in a canoe or building a bonfire, you need that chill soundtrack. Something that everybody can sing along to, with a mix of classics and new radio guilty pleasures. Nothing brings a group of lesbians into harmony (well, spiritually if not sonically) like breaking into a Tracy Chapman chorus. You need a mix of lesbian and bi women artists that will get everyone riding the roséwave vibe.

You may have heard of roséwave on NPR’s All Songs Considered. It is hip hop, RnB, top 40, funk, twangy country, all the genres you might like on their own, mixed up for what they have in common: the power to make you feel that dancey, easygoing freedom that winter, spring, and fall just can’t match. Our new playlist does to your ears what a bottle of rose passed around the beach blanket does. It gives you and your crew a little sunkissed glow.

NPR says, “We didn’t invent a genre; we just gave the lifestyle a name…And truly, roséwave took on a life all its own, as self-professed (and newly self-discovered) basics embraced its fluid musical gestures like they embraced rosé made from merlot, grenache, malbec and many varieties of grapes.”

Our playlist includes iconic lesbian musicians like The Indigo Girls and up and comers that will impress your friends, like the clever and funky Be Steadwell. Check it out on Spotify.