Lez Dish It Out! The AfterEllen Les/Bi News Roundup

Is everyone recovering from their Pride hangovers yet? Usually, July is a pretty quiet slow-down after all of the back-to-back events of June, but this one has been pretty busy. SDCC has come and gone, and this year it actually dropped some pretty exciting stuff for us! It’s no Clexa-Con, but we’ll take it. It’s a movie and TV-heavy month of news, since that’s what July is about. We’ve got a new YouTube series, a Wynonna Earp renewal, a Buffy sequel, and lots more, so lez get started!

Lez Dish it Out!

“Split” is the YouTube series to look out for.

A new show with a bisexual protagonist is hitting the festival circuit this summer, and I got to watch the pilot episode. The short, ten-minute episode draws you in right away due to the plot, dropping enough details without over-explaining, and the lead is fantastic. Split follows a a young actress along two different parallel paths her life could have taken based on the results of one event, which also affects the gender of the partner she’s with. The entire crew behind Split is made up of women, to boot.

The pilot premiered in both Toronto and numerous NYC festivals in June. If you’re a New Yorker, you can still catch a screening on August 22nd at Flushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens. If you’re not, you can check out the trailer here:

Buffy is getting a sequel series, but will we get representation?

News broke last week that Buffy the Vampire Slayer was getting a reboot with a new slayer, who would be a woman of color this time, and that Joss Whedon would also be working on this new version. The reaction from the internet was a mixed, from outrage of Whedon’s feminist missteps to joy over a more Buffy (with MORE diversity!) and everything in between.

Midnight, Texas creator Monica Owusu-Breen followed up this news with an announcement on Twitter that this series won’t, in fact, be a reboot, but rather more of a sequel, a reflection of the same world twenty years later.

Now that that’s settled, our biggest question for this new “Buffy” is of all forms of representation. Let’s hope that diversity includes some lesbian and bi women, preferably ones who don’t spark the bury your gays trope by getting shot by an asshole. I mean, who’s to say this new slayer can’t be a lesbian? After all, there’s nothing we could use more of than more lesbian women of color on our televisions. Anyone got a Twitter hashtag for this movement?!