‘Female Connection’ is a Story of Lesbian Love, Vulnerability and Sexuality

Female Connection follows a storyline that may feel all too familiar – a lesbian falls for a curious woman (no spoilers, watch below!)  – but it is a unique short film. Written by and starring Liz Baxter, who made her on-screen debut as Love Connection’s first lesbian bachelorette, the film takes you through an emotional journey that is all set to music. It’s almost like a music video, but with a clear beginning, middle and end. I’m a traditionalist, but I surprisingly didn’t miss the dialogue and enjoyed this as a genre that’s new for me. I’ll let you watch for yourself, and don’t miss the second video below where Liz talks about making the movie, which was in part inspired by her own personal journey to finding love.

Liz, an out lesbian, and Kylie (played by Tennile Goosic), a questioning heterosexual, are neighbors. When they first meet, there is an undeniable attraction between them. Their chemistry is immediately apparent even to Kylie’s boyfriend Matt. The two girls fall in love and Matt is soon out of the picture. But despite all their passion, Kylie continually pulls away, fighting the reality that she is in love with a woman. In the end, Kylie’s fear of disappointing her family is too great and she leaves Liz. Now, she must live with the heartache of true love lost.

Directed by Adrienne Levy and written by Baxter, “Female Connection” exposes the idea that when you give into fear, all is lost.
The track “Stay a Little Longer” by Lost Boy Crow carries the entire short film adding palpable emotions in showing the heartbreak on both sides of the story.



Female Connection has been accepted into six film festivals, including the Florence Queer Festival (Oct 2-7) in Italy and the Barcelona International LGBTQ Film Festival (Oct 18-28). We reached out to chat with Liz about the film, and she was gracious enough to answer our questions on camera. We have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot more of her in the future!

“Female sexuality can be very complicated and “straight” women often find themselves having intimate connections with other women. It can be heartbreaking and confusing for everyone involved. But ultimately, when you are living authentically, life moves on and the heartbreak is temporary,” comments Baxter.

Keep up with Liz Baxter here. 

We’ll be following this short as it makes the festival circuit, and hopefully more will follow.

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