Where Are They Now? Reality “Celesbian” Edition

Where Are They Now? Reality “Celesbian” Edition

Over the last decade, we’ve had some celesbians quickly rise to popularity through reality television, only to seemingly disappear faster than we can answer “Which Real L Word star was obsessed with LA Fashion Week again?” (It was Mikey Koffman from season 1 by the way.)

Let’s take a trip down memory lane to find out what some of the most prominent reality TV celesbians have been up to since the term came into popularity in 2008, for better or worse. And of course what “Where Are They Now” edition like this would be complete without a few Real L Word stars? Rest assured, we have updates on a few of your faves from that beloved lesbian reality TV show as well.

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Tabatha Coffey

We first got to know Tabatha Coffey in 2007 on Bravo’s Shear Genius, where she placed in the top six and won “fan favorite” of the hair styling reality competition. Her success there led her to become a Bravo mainstay with another show, Tabatha Takes Over, where she helped failing salon owners resuscitate their businesses. Currently, she continues to entertain audiences and elude forgotten celesbian status with her no-nonsense attitude, business acumen and wit on Relative Success with Tabatha, helping family-owned businesses successfully continue from generation to generation. Tabatha keeps her personal life as private as they come in this age of Insta-fame and Internet stalking, but it appears she and her longtime partner are still together. Keep up with Tabatha on social media: @tabathacoffey on Twitter and Instagram.

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Jillian Michaels

Jillian Michaels LITERALLY jumped onto the celesbian scene as a physical trainer for NBC’s The Biggest Loser way back in 2004, four years before celesbian was even a term! She worked on the show off and on until she received her own spin-off in 2010, Losing It With Jillian. She did a short stint on The Doctors in 2011 and had a reality show on E! in 2016, Just Jillian, where viewers saw her propose to her longtime girlfriend and co-parent of two children, Heidi Rhoades. Unfortunately, Jillian and Heidi have since broken up (Jillian announced the breakup in June, 2018). She continues to share her latest fitness techniques,  nutrition tips, and complete personalized fitness program.

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Jackie Warner

Another OG of celesbian status before it became popular, Jackie Warner burst onto the scene back in 2006. On Bravo’s Work Out Jackie showed us the ins and outs of owning and running a fitness center while catering to the high demands of her staff and clientele. She returned to Bravo again in 2010 on Thintervention with Jackie Warner, helping clients lose weight. Since then she sold her gym, released a few books, but mostly stayed out of the public eye. When Jackie did resurface, it was unfortunately due to an arrest for DUI, assault and hit and run in 2017. She reached a plea deal and was sentenced to probation and alcohol awareness classes. Jackie hasn’t been active on Twitter since 2016 but you can catch a glimpse into her personal life on Instagram at @jackiewarner10.

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Cat Cora

Although Cat Cora started her television career in 1999 as a co-host of Food Network’s Melting Pot with Rocco DiSpirito, she cooked her way into viewers’ hearts and true celesbian status through her featured role on Iron Chef America from 2005 through 2012, where she became the first female Iron Chef. She’s been featured on/hosted numerous cooking shows throughout the years and continues to work as a chef and restauranteur, opening restaurants around the world.

Cat hit a bump in the road with an arrest in 2012 for DUI, but struck a plea deal to receive probation and alcohol awareness classes. In 2013 she married her longtime partner Jennifer, with whom she has four children after each were implanted with the other’s eggs from in vitro fertilization. It’s a pretty convoluted and interesting pregnancy story, so we suggest you Google that one for more details! As is the case with many celebrity couples, in 2015 they called it quits after 17 years together. Cat has since remarried producer, director and women’s rights activist Nicole Ehrlich in April and added to her brood of four sons with Nicole’s two. That’s a whole lot of testosterone for a lesbian household, but they seem to love it! Follow Cat on Twitter and Instagram at @catcora.

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The Real L Word’s Whitney Mixter/Sada Bettencourt and Kacy Boccumini/Cori McGinn

As we’re sure many of you follow your favorites from our treasured reality series on social media, you may already know that two of the most popular and cherished couples on the show have broken up. Yes you heard that right, Whitney and Sada and Kacy and Cori have both called it quits and divorced.  Be still our broken, lesbian hearts! Both couples seem to have dealt with the breakups amicably, with Whitney giving an interview to GO! Magazine and Kacey and Cori both posting on Instagram about theirs last year. As with everything, life continues on and so do these ladies: Whitney is still the queen bee of the lesbian party circuit, hosting gigs all across the world, and appears to have found new love. Sada is focusing her time on acting pursuits and it looks like may be working with Kacy on a new web series, “Take One Thing Off – The Digital Series!” Cori took a social media break and returned sober, enjoying life through recent travel. All are most active on Instagram and you can follow them here: Whitney at @whitneymixter, Sada at @sadasimone, Kacy at @kacychristine and Cori at @coricupcake.