The AfterEllen Valentine’s Day 2019 Gift Guide

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Valentine’s Day can be tricky when it comes to gift giving. How do you make the right statement? What’s too much? What’s too boring? What’s too mushy? Well, I can tell you this, if you’ve got her in mind, you’ll do just fine. Don’t try so hard. She digs you because you’re, well, you. The best present you can give her is your presence. The gift is just the frosting on top. So, here’s a fun list of everything from things to wear to things to drink to things to get things going in the bedroom to keep things simple this V-Day. Breathe deep. We’ve got you covered!

Coral L/S Crew Elongated 

These tees are so yummy. They are made of this premium high stretch fabric blend called  TYCA that has Tencel branded fibers and spandex so it won’t get sloppy and lose its shape. It’s eco-friendly, crazy soft and comfy, highly breathable, and even biodegradable. It’s a good shirt. You’ll want to borrow it. But if she won’t let you, at least you can cuddle her while she’s wearing it!

Coffee scrub  

Your girl will adore this scrub because it smells like heaven, if heaven is a high end coffee shop, which I, for one, hope it is. The cool thing is you get to enjoy the rich combo of chocolate, mocha, and soft vanilla aromas but it won’t leave you smelling like a cup of Joe.  The handcrafted scrub is made of a precisely blended ratio of cane sugars and natural oils specifically designed to revive and stimulate your skin, so your girl will look fresher, younger, and super moisturized. It was created with gay boy’s bottoms in mind. But it’s too delicious not to spread the scrubby joy to gay girls too! (Remind your girl to keep it away from the softest bits, of course. They do NOT need scrubbing.)

Tipsy Elves Matching Jumpsuits  

If you and your girl are the cheeky type, you are going to get a real kick out of Tipsy Elves jumpsuits that come in all sorts of adorable patterns, including this Moose pattern. They are so very cozy and plenty warm without being too suffocatingly hot. They have front pockets and extra-long zippers. Best of all, there’s no way you won’t fall in love all over again when you see one another in this jumpsuit that won’t ever let you take yourselves too seriously.


Sand Cloud blanket 

Sand Cloud is known for their awesome beach blankets that refuse to get stuck with stubborn sand. But they make other blanket too, like this one that’s perfect for cuddling inside and for picnicking outside. It comes in great patterns and is so very, very soft. It’s 50” by 70” and made of 100% acrylic which means it is so easy to clean that you won’t worry about snacking stains or grass stains. And to sweeten the pot a bit, Sand Cloud donates 10% of profits toward preserving marine life.

WetForHer RockHer 

Known for their lesbian sex toys, WetForHer is at it again. If you and your love like a little frottage or scissoring on the menu, this may be just the toy for you. Find just the right position and you and your partner can both enjoy the ride at the same time. The vibrator has ten modes which each offer some serious vibration. RockHer also comes with a wireless remote control…giving a whole new meaning to hands-free…


Glider Gloves 


If you and your girl live in – or travel to – a cold weather climate, you’re going to want to gift your girl (and yourself) with these gloves. They are actually touchscreen compatible. Like, they actually work. They don’t just say they do. So you can keep sending one another love notes all day long and avoid freezing fingers. The secret is in the conducive copper woven into each double insulated winter touch screen glove, which means your whole hand can work the screen. Nothing more romantic than staying toasty and connected.

Giesswein Veitsch Wool Indoor/Outdoor Slipper Clogs

If your girl likes to spend her free time in the great outdoors as much as staying in her comfy clothes indoors, she’s going to truly appreciate this cozy gift. It’s not a slipper or a shoe. It’s a slipper AND shoe. It actually does double duty inside and outside. It’s sturdy enough to take a walk in the crunchy fall leaves and comfy and enough to wear all day long while you cuddle by the fire and make pancakes for dinner. Plus the warm, breathable boiled wool upper will keep her tootsies toasty but not set them aflame. That’s for you to do!

Quiver Sensual Pleasure Oil 

The makers suggest you use it daily “to feel good from the inside out.” Hard to argue with that. You massage the oil into your nether regions for heightened awareness, lubrication, and a “feel-good” sensation. The oil enhances arousal and extends orgasm. It can even ease menstrual cramps or be used daily to “tone soft tissue and add a bounce to your step.” Good sex is good. But great sex is, well, great…


North St. Waterproof VX Pittock Travel Pouches 

If, like most of us, your girl is being swept away by the “less is more” and “a place for everything and everything in its place” phenoms that seems to be sweeping the nation, she will love these pouches. They are so simple and so good for everything. They call them travel pouches. But they are also great for your handbag, tote, desk, or anything you want to keep things organized and easy to get to. They are made right here in the US in Portland, OR with ultra-durable and waterproof materials. So, they can take almost anything your girl can dish out.

Opinel – Essentials Small Kitchen Knives Set – Primrosa

If your girl’s favorite room in the house is the kitchen, she’s going to love this charming little knife set that’s sweet to look at and fantastic to use. It includes a pantry knife, a serrated knife, a vegetable knife, and a vegetable peeler  The blades are made of Sandvik Stainless Steel and the handles are crafted of blonde wood from French forests. Fancy! Don’t worry though, they are perfectly practical too with handles varnished for protection against moisture and dirt.

Hanky Panky thong bouquet 

This the cutest and the sexiest gift. It looks like six long stem roses, but it’s really six thongs carefully pinned around a silk rose beneath. The bouquet comes in a floral box with tissue and a packet of lingerie wash. Hanky Panky thongs are one-size, made in the US, and made of super comfy, super sexy signature stretch lace. She will be so tickled by the romantic look of this gift and so thrilled by the sexy – and practical – heart of this gift. You can take it up a notch by pairing it with one of Hanky Panky’s sweetest little lingerie sets. The flutter sleeve sleep set is equal parts darling and daring and it comes in a classic, vintage Valentine’s Day print.


This is the present you can buy for your girl and you’ll both be gifted. Womanizer uses some kind of kick-ass magic called “Pleasure Air Technology.” I don’t care what they call it though, all that matters is that it produces the most delicious orgasms a girl could ask for. Plus, it is so damn sleek and cool looking. And, if you happen to be going this VDay alone, it’s the perfect way to celebrate yourself, something most of us don’t do enough. Womanizer is actually helping out in that arena by launching their “You, A Lifelong Romance” campaign. They want all women – in a relationship or not – to be sure to take the time to practice self-love and self-care because we all deserve some quality alone time…

Vueve Clicquot Rosé 

It’s hard not to think about rosy bubbly when you think about a romantic holiday. So, if you and your love are both of age, why not toast VDay with some bubbly?  Madame Clicquot created the first blended Rosé in 1818 by adding some red wine to Yellow Label champagne. And, viola, Veuve Clicquot Rosé was born. The strawberry aroma makes this fruity and full-bodied Rosé smell as good as it tastes. And what girl doesn’t love to be spoiled with some Veuve Clicquot?

Mk5 Isolator Earphones 

These earphones make the sounds around you melt away so you can hear your music, and I mean really hear your music. Your girlfriend deserves these low-profile, in-ear earphones so she doesn’t have to turn up the volume when she turns on her favorite songs. The Isolator matches the ear’s response for natural sound reproduction so that low-level passages and the soft dynamics of music can be heard clearly. If your girl loves her music, she’s going to love you for this thoughtful gift.

Love Potion No. 7

This cannabis-infused herbal tincture helps to relieve stress and promote a positive mood and a healthy libido. Plus it promises its users a euphoric feeling. You can even it use it externally to amp up the pleasure ante. So this gift can be one that keeps on giving and giving to you both. Now, these tinctures are all the rage these days. But it can be hard to know which ones are the best to use. Humboldt Apothecary is women-owned and operated and the owners have been working as herbalists for more than twenty-five years. They are committed to sustainability; environmentally friendly practices; and quality ingredients. Only makes sense that they’d be great.

Pop-Up Potcorn

Yup. You read that right. Potcorn. It really and truly tastes like stove popped popcorn that is light seasoned with sea salt. No GMOs or artificial flavoring. It is super fresh and crunchy and delicious. And the single portion size allows you to eat the whole bag without overdoing it. So, if you and your girl have a quiet movie night at home planned, this snack is perfect for your evening in. Find it in dispensaries all over California.