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“Lesbians” on TV are continually portrayed as sexually pliable—people expect it—And this translation leads to dangerous misconceptions IRL.

I know that when I point this sort of thing out, I run the risk of burning bridges… and that sucks. The task may go to someone who doesn’t ask questions. The few mainstream “lesbian” publications remaining are largely staffed by non-lesbians, so it won’t be hard to find someone who’s willing to play along.
But translating this as “lesbian” = a subtle form of lesbian conversion therapy (be “cool” about your sexual boundaries).
It won’t change unless lesbians speak up. And that’s a challenge in and of itself, since lesbian voices are the most heavily censored and filtered in the mainstream. Lesbians risk jobs when they speak up.
I’m glad bisexuals are represented. My dog is bi…
 (Netflix) is binge-worthy.  is brilliant. I WISH Lizzy was a lesbian character. We need unapologetically lesbian lesbians on TV… Because while it may only appeal to a limited gaze, it’ll make the world a better and safer place for lesbians.
As I’m typing this, I’ve just received a follow-up email to say “Lizzie is a lesbian”… “confirmed it with folks from the show” and “The character did not have sex with the man you reference or any other man.”
But what hasn’t been confirmed: That I’m still getting the interview. No mention of that. Something tells me they might find someone else.
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But come on. As a human person, with eyes and ears, I’m calling BS.
Lizzy wakes up in a pile & says “Oh sh*t, looks like I got mixed up in something VERY nice.” This shot, this scene (photo above), is quite literally the universal film symbol for “had sex last night.”
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She turns to check the man out and smirks…
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And turns to look back at her friend with a smile…
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But in case it’s not clear, there’s this follow up line: “You gonna head back up to the f*ck pile?”
I’m pretty sure we all know this, but just to point out the obvious, f*ck pile means: pile of people who f*cked.
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My wife puts it really well—“To imply lesbians would be happily surprised by a bi/hetero romp is so harmful to actual lesbians. We spend an unfair share of our waking moments accepting & then defending our right to exist as exclusively same-sex attracted women… Us real-life lesbians have to live in this world. The very world shows like this influence.”
Mainstream compulsively perpetuates “lesbian” as sexually flexible and down for ‘adventure’—Yeah…No. And lesbians should promote this depiction? These scraps are all we get?

جوليا ديانا — JD Robertson, is an award-winning author, and a contributor for Huffington Post and AfterEllen—A first generation Arab-American, who grew up between worlds, and currently resides somewhere in the middle with a bird’s eye view.