Batwoman Recap 1.3 — Down

Welcome back! Catch up on episode one and two.

This episode opens to Alice having a ridiculously over acted nightmare, head shaking to the left and right. Her nightmare (or night-memory) is her as a kid walking through a creepy house and seeing a human skin mask float up in a vat of water. Yikes!

Kate is unsure if she can fill the city’s new hope for Batman. Kate, wearing a full leather letterman’s jacket, meets Alice on the roof of a building to have a sisterly chat, “You made everyone horny for Batman,” Alice jests, and then asks where her scum boyfriend is. Kate says, “Hanging in there. You like damaged men. He’s badly damaged.” Her vocal register goes deep here and she says it with almost the amount of swagger it takes to pull off that jacket.

Alice agrees to stop killing for 24 hours to get him back, but makes it clear that it’s not for Beth, and that good side isn’t ever coming back. Her as a villain is hard to wrap my head around. Whether it’s the normal clothes and lack of kooky costume, or the fact that she’s clearly just a woman with tremendous trauma, her “craziness” seems too well controlled for the “evil” they’re playing her up to have. 

Next we see Sophie sparring with her husband. He notices she’s more aggressive than normal, but doesn’t know it’s because she’s all fired up about Kate. She kicks his butt and knocks him over. Then playfully straddles him in a way that made me audibly mutter, “nopeeeee,” to myself. She kisses him, but then has a look in her eyes that says this ain’t lady lips. I mean, whaddya do when the person you’re with is fine (ahem—a man), but not the ONE (hot woman)? Guess we’ll find out.

Kate’s sister Mary works in her underground medical clinic, and then rushes home in party attire to keep up the facade. Sophie is there as her new secret service. Mary jokes that Kate isn’t here, but that Kate is emotionally available, ready to date. I like what a solid wing-woman Mary is, even though Kate doesn’t deserve it.

At the Wayne building, Bruce’s childhood friend and total rich boy Tommy (I mean, have you ever met a a Tommy that isn’t a d-bag?) is in the office chair, trying to prove that Bruce is never coming back. He’s planning a takeover of some kind. Kate is skeptical.

Some of Bruce Wayne’s weapons are stolen, including the only gun that can pierce the Batsuit. Luke and Kate think it might be Tommy, and Luke does a great job encouraging her that she can get to the bottom of this. Which apparently means… going to his fancy party!

Kate arrives in a women’s cut blazer, see-through shirt, a butt-ton of makeup, and 5-inch heels. Bascuze me? It’s not a dress, but still. In the spirit of The Dark KnightShe’s not the butch Batwoman we deserve, but she’s the Batwoman we have right now. 

She happens to get in the same elevator as Mary and Sophie. It’s awkward! At the party penthouse, Kate flirts with the bartender Reagan, and orders…. “A beer.” Smooth, sis. Not. But apparently it works. Then Sophie’s hubby reintroduces himself to Kate and makes it clear that Sophie never told him their history. Kate turns back to Reagan, who even as a stranger, has figured it out. The flirting continues. 

Alice calls Commander Jacob (her Dad) while playing the cello (and as someone who played, VERY poorly mimicking) in his house. She has many complaints. While Alice is there she sees a childhood map that Kate used to never give up on finding her. Also, she leaves her DNA everywhere, but somehow Jacob doesn’t think to test it to see if it’s really Beth? But she’s murdering everyday, so what does it matter. She gots to GO!

Kate corners Tommy and learns of his vendetta against Batman, who saved his mom, but left him taking care of her for 13 years and unable to get his inheritance. Classic, petty white boy complaints. He cuts the power to the elevators that her family is in.

Tommy demands that she get “Batman” on the roof. Instead, he gets BatWOMAN, in a freshly updated suit that matches the look of the comics—red wig and red bat symbol. 

They fight. He tries to use his super-gun, and Kate realizes she hasn’t charged up the weapon to stop him. Guess there’s still a lot to learn. But at the last minute, she saves her parents in the elevator with a little help from Luke and Alice.

Kate gives Alice an ultimatum that if she kills again, their truce is over. She takes off her helmet and has bat-hat hair, which somehow is the best look she’s had so far! Plus, the evening wasn’t all bad—she got Reagan’s number!