All the Gifts your Girl will Adore: Our 2019 Holiday Gift Guide is Here!

There are all kinds of girls, and none of them are just like yours, of course. Luckily, there are also all kinds of gifts, and this guide will help you find just the right one for the one you love (or even like). No matter what her taste or what your budget, you’ll find inspiration in our massive holiday gift guide, where you will find all the gifts your girl will adore.

For the girl with the green thumb

If your girl loves all things green and growing, how about treating her to a gorgeous plant from Leon and George where you can choose from a plethora of varieties, sizes, and chic pots. Or how about an Aquasprouts garden. It’s a garden and aquarium all in one self-sustaining, desktop ecosystem. Feed the fish. The fish waste provides nutrients for the plants. And the plants clean the water. Viola!

For the romantic

Is the girl you love all about love? Why not gift her with a Motif album, calendar, or card. Create something to celebrate the two of you. Or, gift her with the chance to create something on her own and show off her creative side.  There’s nothing more romantic that taking care of your girl, especially her heart. That’s why she’ll love you for giving her a Doppel, which will create a silent vibration on the inside of her wrist which feels just like the ‘lub-dub’ of your heartbeat. It will keep her calm, help her focus, and give her the lift she needs when you’re not around to give it to her. And if you and your girl have to be apart sometimes, she’ll really appreciate Heartbeat Animals. They are designed to record a baby’s heartbeat in utero but you could record sweet nothings to whisper in her ear while you’re away.

For your pet crazy gal

If you want to spoil your furry friend, check out the goodies at Posh Puppy Boutique like their Olive Snorkel Jacket or their Angel Puppy Coats. No reason for your pet not to look super cute when the temps start to get super low. Or how about these gorgeous collars, leashes, and poop bag holders.

These goodies from Pink Papyrus are for the chicest of pups with owners who want to up their fur baby’s style quotient. If your furry friend is of the cat variety, I feel certain that they will love the Gingerloaf House from Cat in the Box – the gingerbread house kit for cats ready to be dressed up with holiday stickers.

For pet presents more on the practical side, check out Vital Pet Life Oatmeal Aloe Natural Pet Shampoo. This stuff will make your fur baby’s fur extra soft and tame those itchy spots. Or, maybe treat your pet to Vital Pet Life Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil. Using this oil can help your pet with allergies, inflammation, and even tummy troubles. Also for the practical pet owner, she’ll love Aqua Paw Slow Treater and Pet Bathing Tool. Distract your pet whenever you need to with the first and bath your buddy super fast by spraying and scrubbing at the same time with the second.

If her dog ever has to spend time alone at home, she’s going to love the DogTV Holiday Box. DOGTV offers television for dogs as a 24/7 digital TV channel with a dog – friendly programing scientifically developed to lessen stress and separation anxiety. The holiday box comes with a 6-month DOGTV Subscription, Roku Express, Zippy Paws Santa Dog Toy, Only Natural Pet Dog Treats, DOGTV Poop Bag Dispenser, and DOGTV Water Bowl. And, for her when she has to be away from her fur baby, Fur Baby Heartbeat Animals will allow you to record a bark, meow, or whatever their favorite sound of their pet is for her to take comfort in while she’s far from home.

Bunny parents rejoice! Napoleon Bunnyparte and Buns Beds and Beyond (makers of the castle in the above photo) both make handcrafted, made to order adorable bunny beds, castles, playhouses, toys and more that your buns are sure to love. And both companies make all their products from wood that is safe for your bunnies to chew on, so no worries if you have a chewer in the house. Napoleon Bunnyparte also donates toys to a different rabbit rescue each month so rescue bunnies get to play while they wait for their forever homes!

For the girl who loves to hit the road

You’ll have a tough time choosing just one travel treat from North Street Bags. But the Pittock Travel Bags and The Scout 6L Duffle are a great start, because they are equal parts good looking and hardworking. Misty Mate Mistpro 3 is ultraslim and lightweight and gives your girl a continuous ultra-fine mist on command to keep your cool no matter where her travels take her.


When she’s on her way on a new adventure, you’ll want to send her off with the CORI travel pillow. The clever design comes with a strap and two different size pillows so she can create just the right comfort and fit. Nomader Collapsible Water Bottle is collapsible and so is perfect for travel and is designed with a flexible BPA-free silicone body.

Keebos offers simple, clear phone cases with a cardholder for ID, credit cards, and cash, attached to a cord that you can wear as a crossbody. She’ll never leave her phone behind again. And for the rest of her must-haves on the go, the Soujourner Rainbows & Unicorns Fanny Pack is the cutest little fanny pack ever which will look super cute on your girl’s fanny… And if she’s not just hitting the road, but also flying the friendly skies, the Victoria 2.0 Carry-All Tote is the perfect carry-on with a zippered tablet pocket, leather shoulder straps, and style to spare with a gold zipper, leather trim, and V-stitching.

And because girls who travel a lot don’t generally like to lug around a lot of luggage, your traveling girl will get a kick out of this. Origamei dresses are so cool on and off. They can be folded up in a tidy self-contained envelope so your girl can stash this packable,  wrinkle-resistant, lightweight, and adorable dress just in case, because a girl never knows…

Ellis James Designs makes the most gorgeous cases for travel. So fab, in fact, that your sweetie might want to use them at home too. Spoil her with the Make-up Train Case and the Travel Jewelry Keeper and she’ll be forever grateful to you for keeping her organized in style.

And if you really want to be her travel hero, get her Airplane Pockets. This ingenious sleeve covers your tray table to keep germs away while providing pockets to stow your stuff. You’ll want to get yourself one too.

For your feel-good girl


MoonMag Organic SkinCare uses magnesium to relieve all sorts of pain from sports-related injury to accident pain and everything in between. Half-Day CBD Gummy Holiday Gift Set (Sugar Plum Serenity, Blissful Berry, and Calmer Coffee) will relieve pain too, but it will also chill your girl out in a way that she’ll definitely appreciate this holiday season. Steve Good’s CBD gummies, lollipops, coffee, and balm offer the same effects in a variety of awesome – and yummy forms.

Humboldt Apothocary Love Potion No. 7 will make your girl feel happy as can be and if she uses it externally on her naughty bits, those will be as happy as can be too… For another CBD form, get her the WINTERGREEN CBD STICK The cooling combo of menthol and pure essential oils paired with a heavenly wintergreen scent goes on cleanly and helps with minor pain and inflammation.

For the girl who loves the kitchen



These pans are so cute. If your girl is into all things pink, she’s going to want to start cooking if she doesn’t already. goop Exclusive 8″ & 10″ Blush Frypan Set. If she likes her pans a little more classic looking, the BK Black Steel Skillet is a workhorse she’ll love. If her kitchen is more for baking than cooking, you can bet she’ll be thrilled to receive The Sprinkle Pop Rainbow Birthday Addiction Box.


The Handmade Bamboo Steamer with two tiers of 10” baskets is perfect for all things steaming from veggies to dumplings. Speaking of Asian cooking, if you really want to wow her, surprise her with the This Little Goat went to Made In set. This limited edition collaboration includes Made In’s Blue Carbon Steel Wok and Carbon Steel Seasoning Wax, as well as three This Little Goat spices and sauces.


If kitchen tools are her gig, she’ll really dig the Ellessi Digital Food Weight Scale. This scale will never need a battery since makes its own power through kinetic energy by simply twisting the dial. The Drink Perfector is a clever and truly unique gadget that brings beverages to the optimal temperature, any beverage from red wine to tea!

Other fun kitchen-friendly ideas include VSmiley Jam All Day, preserves for breakfast, lunch and cocktails, which will remind her what jam is supposed to take like; kitchen clogs from Sanita in the cutest Tokidoki milk print; Paromi Sleep with Me Tea because it will help her sleep and the name is, well, perfect.




Bee’s Wrap Vermont Maple Drying Rack and Assorted Sizes of washable, reusable, fully biodegradable wraps so she can ditch the tin foil and plastic wrap; and Opinel’s brunch knife, which is equal parts adorable and versatile.

If your girl loves wine and spirits. Here are a few she’ll appreciate having in her liquor cabinet or wine rack – the rich and delicious limited release, ten-year-old Don Papa rum; the inventive Rose Hybiscus and Lavender wines from the Free Range Flower Winery; a luscious Marques de Casa Concha Cabernet Sauvignon 2016 with lush cherry, black currant, and blackberry notes; and bubbly treats from Mionetto, like the Mionetto Prestige Brut, Mionetto Prestige Rosé Extra Dry, or Mionetto Luxury Cartizze DOCG, which will make her tongue dance. (Always a good thing…)

And she may tell you there’s no space for even one more mug in the kitchen, but she will change her mind when you give her this Unicorn Color-Changing Coffee Mug that looks like a plain, black mug until it’s filled with hot liquid and a lovely unicorn is revealed with the message, I am magic. The perfect way to start her morning with a smile. (available on Amazon)

For the girl who likes to get moving

If your girl is an exercise girl, she will appreciate these picks for sure. The Agogie Women’s +40 Resistance Pants activates your muscles to get you going and pushes you harder once you get there. The My Pull Up Bar is a portable pull-up bar with an A-frame that she’ll use by laying on the floor and pulling herself up to the bar. Hello Michelle Obama arms. If yoga and barre and dance are more her style, she’ll love the SHAHI   Cool Feet socks. The mesh-grip, no-show sock is made with a blended, moisture-wicking fabric and offers grip, comfort, and style.

And whatever her sport, she’ll need to be in top form, so gift her with Chlorophyll Water known for promoting healthy alkaline pH levels, oxygenating the body, boosting energy levels, detoxifying the body, strengthening the immune system, supporting cellular regeneration, and providing a source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin D. It also is a powerful source of enzymes and possesses antioxidant properties.


If cold weather sports are more her speed, she’ll really appreciate the Velocio Alpha Long Sleeve. This thermal midlayer fits under a shell for protection from the cold and damp and will keep her comfy cozy when she comes in from the cold.  Not all socks are created the same, especially when it comes to sports. So, if she takes to the slopes, treat her to Bombas Ski Socks with moisture-wicking properties, temperature regulating vents, and cushioning only where she needs it most. You could get her almost anything from Mountain Hardwear and she’ll likely be over the moon. But if she loves cold weather sports, but not cold weather, she fall in love with their Ghost Whisperer down pants and jacket.

If you’re looking for a clever gift that looks great but still lets her get playing, you have to check out the balls from Leather Head Sports. Footballs, soccer, basketballs, baseballs, rugby and medicine balls that are gorgeous enough to display and tough enough for play.

And if she’d rather be moving but is often stuck behind a desk, you absolutely cannot go wrong with the Cubii, the compact ergonomic elliptical that slides under your desk or table or even in front of the sofa to allow your girl to workout while she’s working, watching TV, reading a book, or just plain hanging out. Assembly is minimal, just four screws and the ride couldn’t be any more smooth. It tracks her rotations and makes working out a no-brainer.

If your girl has always dreamed of being a mermaid, you will be her forever hero if you give her one of these AquaMermaid tails. They are fully swimmable making mermaid training a hardcore core workout. If taking her bike out on the road, she will flip over the RoadwareZ, the first and only digital IoT smart Backpack and app that gives bikers continuous day and night digital lighting; automated, visual digital turn signals and brake lighting; GPS tracking and navigation; automated emergency notification; built-in microphone; and blue tooth connectivity.

For the girl with never-ending holiday spirit


Magic Ornaments solve the age-old problem of bulky, fragile, and storage consuming Christmas ornaments because they’re collapsible. They go from completely flat to 3-D in a matter of seconds. No one will ever guess. And when the holiday is over, everything fits in one, simple, flat envelope. Tipsy Elves makes the most fun holiday apparel every year. This year they have the Andre Champagne collection, complete with bottle pocket and the “Meowy Christmas” sweater, part of their enormous ugly Christmas sweater collection.

And for the girl who likes her holiday décor a little out of the ordinary, these are perfect. Monster Crackers Your girl will totally fall for these kooky characters with amazing stories that come as ornaments, cards, and books. Like Princess Uni the Monster Zombie Princess who burps fiery rainbows. If she has a fur baby, she’ll need a stocking for her from Hearth Hounds. Super soft and fully lines, these stockings look just like your furry family member, and Hearth Hounds makes almost every breed.

For the girl who loves the great out of doors

If she loves to work outside and has a deck, this will be her new favorite go-to. The Deck Tool makes it crazy easy to clear debris out of the cracks in a deck without bending over a zillion times. If she’s a water girl, she’ll really appreciate Rheos Floating Sunglasses. They float. So, there’s that. But they also have polarized lenses that are scratch resistant, 100% UV protected, AND include a finish of dual-sided anti-fog coating for maximum clarity. And if camping or otherwise exploring outdoors is her thing and so is coffee, she will never stop thanking you for gifting her a Nanopresso which can craft an espresso on the go, nearly anywhere. How’s that for doing the outdoors in style.

For the girl who loves all things tech

Skullcandy Sesh  and Skullcandy Indy headphones look super cool and work equally as well. The first are are Bluetooth; have up to 10 Hour Battery life; are Sweat, Water, and Dust Resistant; come with their own charging case. The second is Bluetooth enabled and sweat, water, and dust resistant. They have removable stability ear gels for a secure fit and touch controls. And, they offer up to sixteen hours of battery life, as well as noise reduction for calls.

Celestron’s Thermo Torch 10 is like the super hero of flashlights. Of course it can light the way, but t can also charge her phone and warm her hands for up to ten continuous hours.

The VidBox Video Conversion Suite will let her transfer her old VHS, VHS-C, Beta and other analog format Video, as well as cassette and Phonograph records to DVD and digital formats so she can relieve her glory days. And, the Seagate One Touch SSD, which is as small as a credit card and surprisingly stylish, is the ultimate gadget for editing, organizing, and directly streaming photos and videos.

For the girl who’s all about style

American Rhino makes the most gorgeous clothes. The designs are modern. The fabrics are incredible. And they donate ten percent of their revenue to organizations dedicated to the protection of endangered wildlife and wild-lands. Plus, they source and produce 80% of their apparel, footwear and home goods in the countries and communities of Kenya and Ethiopia which embrace their mission. You’ll girl will look great and you’ll feel great.

Add one of Laetly scarves to finish the look. Spun from 100% Extra Fine Merino Wool, Laetly’s bold and colorful scarves feel super soft to the touch and even better when you’re getting cozy with your girl. If she likes a chunkier look, she’ll love the Scarves from David & Young. They’re super snuggly infinity scarves that will keep your girl super warm without loads of bulk.

Monochrome Madness Black & White Polka Dot Suspenders will look so cute on your butch or masculine of center girl. So, sharp. Seriously. And if your dapper girl is all about looking polished, she will really appreciate the Shoe Rescue Kit It has only 100% natural products and has everything she’ll need to keep her shoes and boots looking sharp.

The Skinny Tees Reversible Scoop Neck 1/2 Sleeve Tee  is comfy without being slouchy and has just enough oomph to give your girl that smooth look that she loves to rock even when you stop for burgers for lunch.

Moonster Leather Canvas Tote Bag has a great nautical look which will be perfect if your girl loves to wear a great pair of jeans and a cute tee. This is the bag that doesn’t just go with lots of outfits, it also makes a lot of outfits. Of course, many places now have clear bags or no bags rules. But just because her bag has to be clear doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. That’s where Margo Paige comes in. They offer the coolest designs, including a clear backpack, fanny pack, and fringed crossbody.

If your girl is on the fun and quirky side, this is sure to make her smile. The Happy Pop Unicorn Sock Set boasts five pairs of the softest most fabulous unicorn socks and though the listing says kids, they have the perfect sizes for big girls too. And ToppFox has super cute sunglasses to suit every kind of girl, including yours. And you might as well get yourself a pair while you’re there too!

For the nester


If your girl loves creating a happy home and spending time in it. So she’s sure to appreciate a gift that will make her home homier. How about the Bali Bamboo Luxury Sheet Set which is so soft, she’ll think she’s at a fancy hotel. (Get her a Silk Pillowcase to got with them and she’ll thank you for protecting her fab hair!) Pair those with the Bed Scrunchie and her bed will always look like she’s in one too.


Nourish soy candles will fill her house with the best scents created from essential oils and fragrance oils. If she likes a house that is hip and modern, she’ll certainly love these two goodies. Amped&Co Unicorn Neon Desk Light is so cool. Your unicorn girl will love that just like hers, this unicorn’s light never goes out and the Micro Rose Gold Light Box is super sweet as well. It’s micro, she can decide what it says, and it’s rose gold, so…

And just for fun, you can give her the Air candy pink glitter chair. It is so cute! It’s an instantly inflatable extra chair that’s filled with pink holographic foil glitter. And, somehow, it’s as comfortable as a bean bag, no beans required.

For the girl who never forgets where she’s from


There are so many gifts that honor the places we hail from. Detroit Has Legs has super cute, limited edition leggings, t-shirt, blanket, and pouch that celebrate Detroit, and a portion of the profits go to the nonprofit Cass Community Social Services. Lifestyle brand ‘47’s plethora of apparel covers nearly every hometown if your girl loves sports. They’ve got all of the MLB, NFL, NHL, NBA, and college teams covered). They even have a vintage style, rainbow Astros shirt if she happens to be a Houston girl. Or honor the place she’s from with a candle that will make her a little less homesick.

For the girl who likes a gift that keeps on giving

She’ll get a real kick out of a subscription box since every month brings a brand new gift. And these days, there are subscriptions for every taste. Vegancuts is, go figure, vegan subscription boxes, including conscious and good-hearted brands in three categories – snack, beauty, and make-up.  Succulents Box offers the cutest little plants, and every month, new ones will grace her doorstep. They are low on maintenance but high on enjoyment.

If she’s a coffee fanatic, she’ll go wild for the Atlas Coffee Club. Each box includes a curation of the world’s best single-origin coffee; coffee and a postcard from a new country each month; tasting notes & brewing tips for each batch; and your personalized preferences, on your schedule.

Creation Crate is such a fun gift for little girls as well as big ones. The electronic kits come with an UNO R3 microcontroller, which is like a pocket-sized computer; various electronic components, and access to online courses. Everything she needs to raise her tech savvy with each kit getting progressively harder to keep her as challenged as she keeps you!

For the book worm


Delicious Wintertime: The Cookbook for Cold Weather Adventures is full of recipes for hearty meals, while One Dish – Four Seasons: Food, Wine, and Sound – All Year Round offers seasonal takes on one ingredient, a wine pairing, and an album suggestion. If something speedier is more her style, Beautiful Machines  The Era of the Elegant Sports Car regales the stories of more than forty-five cars that defined this glorious era.