Lez Dish It Out 12.6.19

Recovered from Thanksgiving? Working hard to match all the money you burnt Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Giving Tuesday? Well girl it’s time to take a much-deserved break while we DISH IT OUT. That’s right, a dump truck full of lesbian news is here.

Big Box Office Weekend for Lena Waithe’s Outlaw Romance

Queen and Slim movie poster

It was a big opening week for Queen and Slim written by Lena Waithe and directed by Melina Matsoukas. The film grossed $15.8 million over the holiday weekend.

In other movie news, Charlie’s Angels, starring Kristen Stewart absolutely bombed opening weekend November 16th with only $8.2 million in ticket sales. Damn, sis, sorry this happened to you. We still love you K-Stew! Although, if the movie had more lesbian content, ya probably would have seen the rainbow crew lined up around the block, I’m just saying.

Lesbians on a Saturday Night

King Princess made her Saturday Night Live debut on November 23rd with Will Ferrell as host. She absolutely crushed it with her classic “1950.” She also performed “Hit the Back,” the bottom’s anthem, dressed as a 2000s scene kid whose dad is Bob Fosse. The performance immediately led to a 941% increase in digital downloads according to Billboard.


In other lesbians-of-late-night news, K Stew hosted SNL on November 2nd, in time to promote the premier of Charlie’s Angels on November 15th.

Hillary Clinton Is Not Even Remotely Gay (“Seriously, Never Considered It!”)

“Contrary to what you might hear, I actually like men,” Clinton said. OK, Hillary. Sure. I’m salty right now, but at the same time, the entire interview (with infamous scumbag Howard Stern??) is really interesting.

Lea DeLaria’s New Show Reprisal Out on Hulu

The show, produced by the twisted minds behind Fargo and Handmaid’s Tale have a new noir revenge serial. Lea DeLaria plays Queenie, the HBIC of a burlesque hall which also serves as the front for a gang? IDK the storyline appears pretty complicated, but it premiers today on Hulu.

Talking Laughing Loving Breathing Fighting Fucking…and All That

Sarah Slaton and Sarah Joelle by Kit Chalberg

The L Word Generation Q premieres on Showtime this Sunday, and just in time to get hyped, Sarah Slaton, former lead singer for Edison, is dropping her dark and moody cover of Betty’s original theme song. The cover features piano by Sarah Joelle.

Carrie Brownstein and St. Vincent Have a New Movie

Nowhere Inn was cowritten and costars Carrie Brownstein and St. Vincent and is set to premier at Sundance. No trailers yet, but a super cute promo photo is up on Instagram and Twitter.

Webseries Butch Pal for the Straight Gal Coming Soon

Butch Pal for the Straight Gal is a spin on the whole gay men makeover show, where powerful big dyke energy is harnessed to empower straight women. In this reality-based comedy, they teach hopeless hets to throw away societal gender norms and fearlessly harness their unique inner voice, spreading a message of self-love and body positivity to all. We’re here for it!

Janelle Monae to Star in a new Horror Flick

We have to wait all the way until April, but Janelle Monae’s new movie, Antebellum looks twisted and terrifying. The log line is a little vague: “Successful author Veronica Henley (Janelle Monáe) finds herself trapped in a horrifying reality and must uncover the mind-bending mystery before it’s too late.” But with the same team that brought Us and Get Out, it has to be a poop-your-pants level thrill ride.

Chika Releases a New Track

I guess it’s JoJo who released the track, but tbh rising star and absolute powerhouse Chika is the stealing the limelight with this one.

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