Lesbian Webseries “30” is Streaming Now on Amazon Prime

With the premiere if the L Word reboot, lesser known lesbian shows can be easily overlooked. But that’s why we’re here, to scour all the streaming sites to find lesbian content just for you. Maybe you want L Word vibes, but  Gen Q didn’t quite live up to the hype. Maybe you’re looking for something that feels a bit more real. Or simply something fresh because you’ve got reboot fatigue. Well, we found a little gem of a show called 30. 

Based on the book She’s Just Not That Into You, 30 follows three millennials as they navigate life, love, and a quarter life crisis as they head into their 30s. The show mainly focuses on the characters’ daily struggles as lesbians. Whether it’s meeting someone new, dealing with an ex, or trying to keep up with all the drama in the friend group, everyone can find at least one relatable situation on this show. And the cast is as diverse as their struggles, as all the main characters are women of color. But the best part is that this show was created by a lesbian, for other lesbians. That is perhaps what makes this show feel more genuine than others. On top of that, two of the main actresses are also lesbians, with the third being bisexual. According to producer Akyra Randall, nearly all of the secondary characters are gay, too. No more straight actresses pretending to be lesbians!

Now, this isn’t your usual big budget show created by a media juggernaut. In fact, Texas locals crowdfunded it. But maybe that’s what gives this show its charm, like a homemade sweet potato pie. Because it isn’t a big budget show, the overall tone feels cozy and intimate. There are no grand adventures or highly choreographed action scenes. Instead, the show follows a slice-of-life style format where viewers are invited to watch the daily lives of the protagonists as they deal with the good, the bad, and all of the ugly. 

Having said that, it isn’t for everyone. While the series was picked up by Amazon, it does feel a lot like a web series you might find on YouTube. There are no Hollywood superstars here. So if you’re looking for an A-List cast, you might want to look elsewhere. The acting sometimes reflects this, but it’s forgivable thanks to the authentic nature of the show.

30 is out now on Amazon Prime.