Lez Dish It Out – 12.27

Merry XXmas and happy holidykes to you all out there in lesboland. It’s the last weekend of 2019 and we’re wrapping it up with lots of good news. So lez dish it out!

Your Childhood Favorite Supports Women’s Rights and Is “CANCELLED” by Twitter trolls.

Last week was a doozy of shitty discourse when JK Rowling tweeted something simultaneously in support of gender identity AND women’s rights. Here’s the offending wrongspeak:

This was immediately followed by a mob of Peter-Pan-syndrome goofballs throwing public tantrums and lighting their Harry Potter collection on fire, slurring women and insisting that if you think sex is real and substantially different from gender, then you’re a Nazi. The discourse on Twitter was an absolute race to the bottom of the dumpster, and the mainstream/gay media added lighter fluid and a match, publishing hot takes about how JK Rowling is CANCELLED. Here at AE, Claire Heuchan breaks down the misogyny at the heart of it all.

Bombshell Falls Short of Expectations

Bombshell was released last week and though it was projected to perform among the strongest films of 2019, with estimates of grossing $10 million, it fell considerably shorter at $5.1 million. This Forbes reviewer suspects that’s because, in spite of generally positive reviews and lots of awards nods, the holidays are not the time of year people want to spend money to see movies that they think will be upsetting or depressing. We want to see fun movies, evidenced by Knives Out‘s fantastic performance. My take is that the experience of watching Bombshell is more like a revenge fantasy/catharsis for women in America, but only time and ticket sales will tell.

Stacy London Is the Other Gay from What Not To Wear

Guys, Stacy London, the fashion icon with the Susan Sontag silver streak is a LESBIAN. That is all.

Claudia López, Mayor of Bogota, Is Wifed Up

Claudia López, the mayor of Bogota and the first lesbian mayor in Columbia, married Angélica Lozano last week! Ms. Lopez takes office in January and the two were eager to get married beforehand since they’ll likely be very busy running shit for the next four years.

International Model Aweng Chuol Marries

The South Sudanese model who makes her home in New York married her wife Alexus in high style.

Jane Lynch Thinks Class Warfare Is Ugly, OK Warren??

Jane Lynch is inexplicably stanning billionaires in wine caves in a tweet that makes us think her entitled, out-of-touch character from Mrs. Maisel has come to life.

That’s a Yikes from me, dawg!

Updates to Last Summer’s Lesbian Bus Attack

CCTV was released of the attack by a group of teenage boys against a lesbian couple riding home on a night bus. Three of the boys changed their pleas from innocent of charges, which they had originally put forward in July, to guilty of harassment in advance of a trial set for January. The boys were not convicted of a hate crime, but were sentenced to juvenile detainment and community service.

Marvel’s Runaways Wrapped Its Final Season


The teenage lesbian superheroes treated fans with some really sweet romantic moments, but left our reviewer a little unsatisfied. The third season turned into the final season with a mid-show cancellation, but some hope remains among the KaroNico fandom for the show to get renewed on Disney+.

Rain Dove Revealed to Be a Fraud

Wrapping up my holiday season was the gift of Rain Dove’s complete public meltdown. She admitted to selling texts sent from Asia Argento to Rain’s then-girlfriend Rose McGowan to celebrity gossip media TMZ. The texts appear to confirm her alleged sexual abuse of a minor. This revelation in itself is a rabbit hole of personality-disordered celebrity scoundrelry, but for Rain, it gets even deeper.

The androgynous model has a history of claiming abuse against her for her gender nonconforming appearance and nonbinary identity. This wouldn’t be hard to believe given the rampant homophobia and misogyny butch women face, however, her conversations with online harassers don’t track — there’s always something fishy about them. In fact, she had claimed at one point that she was pepper-sprayed in a bathroom, but reporters looking to fact check found no record of the woman supposed to have attacked Rain.

She posted a conversation that she had with someone on instagram, a mother who didn’t want her child to start wearing a binder. In the exchange, which quickly went viral, Rain convinces the mother that binders are totally safe and a great option for ‘affirming’ young girls in their gender. It looks like this too was a total fantasy!

If you have an entire hour of your life to flush down the toilet watching this narcissist try to hide her most egregious lies by listing them amongst every lie she’s told since she was like 12, you should watch this! Highlights also include the times she claimed she was a firefighter (this never happened) and a graduate of UC Berkley.