The L Word Gen Q S1.E3 Recap

Catch up on episode 2 HERE first.

The first couple of scenes of episode 3 were pretty dull. It was mostly just Dani and Sophie yammering on about what their wedding dresses will look like.

Dani, aka poor little rich girl (but super hot) listens to her voicemail and it’s her dad saying he’s basically done a 180 and wants to CONGRATULATE her on her engagement. To a lesbian.

But can he be trusted??

Next we’re in bed with Finley and her lady whose name I forgot, and they’re having sexy time under pink sheets. This is where I’d like to pause and say that Finley and this lady priest are the ONLY COUPLE on this entire show who have any chemistry whatsoever. So I’m rooting for them because every other pairing seems like they’re best friends and were in the same sorority.



Well, she buys the sports bar that used to be a gay bar so she can turn it into a LESBIAN BAR! YESSS

As you can see by her facial expression, a lesbian bar might not be a great investment, but we can hope. Go Shane and go team lesbian. Cheers.

Next up is some domestic bliss and bickering over at chez Alice and Nat, and then everyone’s at the restaurant where Alice starts bitching about the avocado toast. NEXT.

Lena comes on to Shane HARD but Shane is not getting it. Yet.


Bette’s kid gets into trouble at school and they have a heart to heart about being black in America and she tells her she is going to have to learn the system.

Oh my GOD, can you imagine if Bette Porter was your MOM??

Alice has special guest Megan Rapinoe on her show and the audience goes wild. She talks about being a lesbian mostly,  and Alice is crushing.

Sophie takes Finley to church despite Finley’s objections, and that’s when she finds out she “fucked the priest” meaning her new lady friend – whose name still escapes me so I’ll just keep calling her the priest. Here is Finley’s face when:

But later Finley goes back to the church and she and the lesbian priest get real with each other. Apparently, Finley has some issues with the church that go back to her childhood, and it’s giving her some PTSD. In a later scene, she opens up more about it.


Back at chez Dani and Sophie, some tension rises.

Dani informs Sophie that her rich daddy has booked them all a walkthrough of the Biltmore Hotel where he has booked their wedding. Dani insists it was her idea and that all is well, but Sophie is not too pleased and she doesn’t hide it.

Back to chez Alice and Nat

Alice persists with her idea that Nat should hang with her ex-wife Gigi, which is, of course, a terrible idea and yet it keeps coming out of her mouth..

Then a scene with gay boys which is boring, I thought this was a lesbian show. Next.

Bette stops by Shane’s new bar and they talk about their broken hearts.

Bette misses Tina, and Shane dreads signing the divorce papers that are waiting for her at home. I also noticed during this scene that Bette Porter has never aged. Not even one year.

The next bit of drama is when Sophie finds out Dani’s dad has planned their entire wedding down to the date, and she’s pretty pissed.

Bette gives a kickass mayoral candidate speech during a debate but it’s kinda boring because it’s a political debate, so moving on.

Gigi and Nat are getting too close for comfort and maybe Alice is getting uncomfortable for the first time. Shane is like GUURRRRRLLLL what yo lady up to over there!???


Lena shows up unannounced at Shane’s office when Shane is getting trashed alone, and Shane is like wooooaaahhhh girl no this is not happening, but then her body does the opposite and she throws Lena on her desk and goes for it. All Shane like.

Then we get a splash of cold water in the face because they decided a good transition from that scene would be back to the church AGAIN where Finley has a tearful meltdown but we don’t know why.

The last few minutes of this episode are when Dani sees Bette with the woman she’s possibly having an affair with and Dani is shocked.

And as a bonus I also have this photo of Alice but I have no idea which scene it’s from. She looks cute though.