Valentine’s Day Gifts to Make Her Smile, Giggle, and Fall in Love

It’s that time of year again. The time when you want to buy your girl a gift that says what your heart is feeling. But doing that can be harder than it sounds. The best thing you can do is remember that this is your girl we’re talking about. You know her. She digs you. And even when it comes to Valentine’s Day, it really is the thought that counts. To make things a little easier, I’ve done some digging and put together a list of gifts that will be a perfect fit no matter what kind of girl rocks your world.



Foria Intimacy CBD Lubricant comes in a gorgeous, eco-conscious package and is designed to enhance pleasure with its organic botanicals and broad-spectrum CBD. Your girl will feel like the luckiest girl in the world with this fantabulous oil in her bedroom arsenal.

You cannot go wrong with a sexy treat from Hanky Panky if you want to spoil your girl with something saucy. They do the cutest VDay gifts, including twelve long stem “roses,” in a floral box with a packet of lingerie wash. Only the roses are actually their fabulous signature lace thongs that fit sizes 4-14. Really.  You also cannot go wrong with their lingerie including their tap pant and camy sets and rompers.


The texture of this little baby is so velvety soft that just touching it may get you in the mood. The Mimi is made of flexible silicone and offers five vibration and pulsation patterns. It fits nicely in your hand and provides an awful lot of pleasure for such a little toy. Wonderful things really do come in small packages.

This clever set is one of a kind with three progressive weights, ranging from soft weight single ball, to hard and heavy double ball. The Ami was created to enhance pelvic fitness, which readily leads to deeper and more intense orgasms, as well as a range of health benefits. The best news is, it’s self-paced and it’s one exercise program that is sure to turn you on rather than off.

Sex Toys for Lesbians that were made by Lesbians 

Wet for Her always has the girls in mind when it comes to their toys. And your girl will definitely know she was on your mind if you gift her with the RockHer, perfect for scissoring, or the Fusion Strap-on Dildo with the WoWHer Clitoris Ring that slips on it so you can penetrate her and keep her clit happy all at the same time. This is one VDay gift that will leave her as satisfied as a girl can get!! If you dig one of these toys now is your chance to save 15% when you order via the link


Style for Miles

I have a confession to make. I am personally obsessed with Feather & Find dresses, and I have no doubt that if your girl loves the boho look, she will be too. The dresses are designed by Heather Dixon and come in the most glorious patterns and cuts and colors that will make any girl with a breezy, beachy style want to eschew jeans and tees forever. They make me feel chic and happy and effortlessly stylish whenever I slip into one.

Luka is the perfect accessory for any girl who sometimes needs reading glasses but who always is on top of her style game. It’s a monocle necklace that will allow her to see in those “small glasses” moments like reading a menu or a label at the store. And to those not in the know, they’ll never know that that gorgeous necklace she’s wearing is actually her secret seeing weapon. They’re motto – Look deep, see more. Can’t argue with that.

If you really want to spoil your girl with something sweet, the custom candy phone case from by robynblair and Off My Case will definitely do the trick. You can choose from these super cute signature candy patterns and then customize your pick with up to six letters of your choice. They also have pre-made designs she’s sure to flip for too.

This simple necklace from Dezen is comprised of a bio-based resin pendant on gold filled figure eight chain.  The best part is that your girl will have a tough time not falling in love with this line for its beauty and its beliefs. This sustainable line creates gorgeous designs using eco-friendly resin. That means you can gift your girl that looks good on her and on the world.

The Undress is something I wish someone had invented a LONG time ago. This super-smart invention will allow your girl to change clothes anytime, anywhere, in less than a minute without any privacy whether she’s changing into it or out of it. Perfect for the beach or after working out or anytime she wants to get out of wet or sweaty or other clothes. Then, she can wear the Undress or change into something entirely different all without worrying about exposing herself.

If your girl always wants to carry a great bag but never wants to ruin a great bag, she is going to totally dig the Miss from Save My Bag. It’s tres chic and comes in a wealth of colors. The best part is that it’s as durable as a hearty tote and as stylish as a couture bag. The secret is that it’s made from Poly Fabric with Lycra™ but you’d never know from looking at it. It has a magnetic button closure and an interchangeable ribbon that can be customized with charms, symbols, and letters. She’ll love that she can take it everywhere and not have to worry about it anywhere.

The Notes to Self VDay Sock Set lets you love your girl in the super sweet and super-secret way every minute of every day. Each sock as a lovely reminder of how wonderful she is – I am strong; I am amazing, I love you, and I am beautiful. And to make it even better, these socks are so squishy and soft she’ll love how they feel as much as she loves how they make her feel!

The Moonglow Charmed Simplicity Necklace is equal parts lovely and sweet. At first glance, you’ll notice a lovely moon charm. But it’s not just any moon, it’s the phase of the moon on a date of special meaning to you or your girl. She’ll love how it looks on her and how your thoughtfulness looks on you.

If your girl has her heart set on jewelry this Valentine’s Day, don’t worry, you don’t have to break the bank to make her wishes come true. Isabelle Grace makes the prettiest little pieces that are sure to make her heart skip a beat, including the Pink Gemstone Bar Necklace, with pink Mystic Topaz gemstones and the Rose Gold Hematite Bead Bracelet with the shiniest rose gold hematite beads.

Foodie Fun

Pirro’s Sauce is a great gift for your foodie girl. First of all, it’s delicious. Second, it’s made with fresh ingredients and is gluten-free. They fun part is that their recipes are reinterpreted and refined versions of their own time-honored family recipes. Old and new coming together is the yummiest of ways. And, if you’re lucky, she just might be inspired enough to make you dinner!

Enzo’s Table Olio Nuovo and Organic Balsamic Vinegar will be your foodie girl’s fave. She can use them to dip and drizzle her way to delicious results. Perfect for simple salads or for dipping into with crusty bread, these are two kitchen delights that your girl will find herself reaching for time and again when she’s getting crafty in the kitchen.

Some gifts are as sweet as their mission. That’s absolutely true when it comes to Guittard’s Creative Growth Bar. This decadent chocolate bar will not only delight her palate it will  also empower communities and support the arts as Guittard is donating a percentage of the sales from each bar to Creative Growth, an Oakland based non-profit supporting artists with disabilities. Nothing could be sweeter than that.



Any girl who loves her juice will love this Vinci hands-free juicer. All she has to do is cut the fruit in half, place it on top of the juicer, close the lid, and press a button. And get this, the juicer’s pressure-sensitive technology extracts the maximum amount of juice without breaking the sour rind. And it does it in seconds. After the juice is squeezed, you can just pp the juicer in the dishwasher. Yum and done.

The Winemaster from Victorinox is the best gift for any wine-loving girl. All in one tidy little device, she’ll find a corkscrew, bottle opener, foil cutter, and two-step lever, as well as a pocket knife so she can show off her wine bottle opening skills in style.

Practically Perfect

Bring It Up’s products are genius for any girl who likes to lift up the girls without messing with a bra. If your girl likes to keep her girls in check, she will certainly appreciate this thoughtful gift. Their products give users that extra lift and shape that usually requires surgery. Their unique “breast lift” invention lifts skin from the top and comes in both disposable Instant Breast Lift Tape, as well as the reusable, silicone Breast Shapers. Think about it. She’ll appreciate the lift, and, yup, you will too.

This may not seem like  particularly romantic gift. But if your girl is a neat freak, she will be a major fan of Tossits in a major way. She can simply hang Tossits on the back of a headrest in her car and no more trash cluttering up her precious wheels. When the bag is full, she can tear it off the pack, seal it by removing the adhesive strip, and toss it in the trash. Plus, they’re made from 100% recycled plastic, and there’s nothing trashy about that.

Last tissue is such a cool idea. It brings back the old school handkerchief with a modern twist. You can just take a tissue from the bottom, use it, and then store it on top of the marked-tissue barrier. So, you’ll push the clean tissues down, making them ready to use and dividing them from the used. When you use the last one, it’s time to wash and repeat. Better for her nose and the environment.

Welly kits are so cute and perfect for your accident-prone girl. The packaging is as cute as the bandages inside. Choose kits with or without Triple Antibiotic ointment; 1% hydrocortisone anti-itch ointments helps relieve skin irritation and rashes; and Hand Sanitizer. And she’s sure to find a fun use for the reusable tin once the bandages have all done their job!

The SwissCard Classic from Victorinox is such a clever little gift for your gadgety girl. It features ten different functions, including things like a nail file, toothpick, and tweezers all packed into what looks like a little credit card. Easy fit. Lots of functions.

Getting Techy With It

If your girl likes to fall asleep watching Friends on her iPad like my wife does, she will love you forever for gifting her with SleepPhones® Wireless headphones in a headband. They are ultra-slim and super comfy and they use Bluetooth® technology to wirelessly connect with compatible devices. No cords. No bothering you when you’re trying to sleep. It’s a win win that’s as comfy as it is convenient.

The Doppel is one of the most thoughtful gifts you can get your girl if anxiety is something that sneaks up on your love. It’s worn on the inside of the wrist and creates silent vibrations that feel like the lub-dub of a heartbeat. It calms me down gently kind of like when I listen to relaxing music. It’s super simple to use, sleek to look at, and comfortable to wear. It’s like giving your girl your heart to wear on her wrist to keep her feeling safe even when you’re not around to hold her hand.


Let’s Make-Up 


Covergirl Exhibitionist Liquid Glitter Eyeshadow is perfect for the girl who loves a sparkly look but hates spending hours on her make-up. #Me. And you won’t break the bank buying these for your girl. So you can spring for an array of glittery shades. She’ll be in sparkle heaven.



lilah b. Aglow Skin Prep will make your girl fall in love with her skin – and skin care – all over again. The Aglow Cleansing Butter melts away makeup and leaves skin feeling soothed and hydrated. And the Aglow Priming Oil is so nutrient rich, it works as a serum, moisturizer, and primer. Taking care of your skin isn’t fun and games and your girl will know you understand her skin care obsession.


lilah b. Lovingly Lip Tinted Lip Oil is perfect for any girl who is obsessed with keeping her lips soft and kiss-ready. This oil-based treatment is combined with perfect shine and a glossy pigment. The secret ingredients include Bilberry Seed Oil, Milk Thistle Extract, and Vitamin E. She can wear it alone or over a favorite lip color. You’re sure to love the results maybe even more than she will.

If you know your girl loves all things pretty in pink. But you’re not sure just what to get her, the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk collection is a great pick. They have eyeshadow palettes, blushes, lipsticks, lip liners, and lip glosses all in the nude pink shade that everyone is going wild for right now. And the packaging… Holy smokes. It’s as glamorous as what’s inside.

Whether your girl is already a diehard Beauty Blender fan or this will be her first time with this fabulous little tool, the  Year of the rat beauty blender, celebrating the Lunar New Year with a must-have limited-edition set, is sure to win your heart. The BB is adorned for the occasion with a festive crimson and gold motif and includes a limited-edition Beautyblender Ruby and a golden nest to store it on. Super cute. Super helpful for every make-up loving girl.

On a Health Kick


Is working out your girl’s first, ahem, second favorite thing to do? If she likes to work out hard, recovery is important, which means getting plenty of oxygen is really important. Boost Oxygen is 95% pure Aviator’s Breathing Oxygen in a portable, easy to use can. It comes in four scents: Natural, Peppermint, Pink Grapefruit and Menthol-Eucalyptus. It’s been shown to improve sleep and increase mental alertness and stamina, as well as help you recover faster no matter how hard you work out. It’s handy for hangovers too…

ErgoErgo is a great gift for your girl if she wants to up her sitting game. It’s super cool looking and requires “active sitting,” during which core muscles are engaged, the spine achieves its natural curve, the pelvis gently moves, circulation improves, and the legs stretch. Forget those exercise balls. ErgoErgo is a major step up and will help your girl to sit up.

Defies Description


The dyptique Paris En Fleur Candle is a limited edition candle that honors the 100 faces of Paris, the very city in which diptyque was born. She’ll love the scents of fresh chypre and rose petals blended with earthy patchouli. And the jar the candle is in is as pretty as the fragrance it exudes.

“The Fat Cat” Cat backpack is, you guessed it, a backpack that lets you carry your cat… on your back. This particular model is advertised for being able to handle “big boned” cats, two medium sized cats, or a barrel of kittens. For some reason that makes me giggle. All I know if my Chihuahua Terrier mix Walter loves it. Kind of. And Taylor Swift’s cat seems to dig it too.

If your girl is equal parts artsy and outdoorsy, MetalBird will definitely make her heart take flight. It started as a New Zealand based guerrilla street art project in 2009, designed, crafted and hammered up for no other reason than to thrill those who saw the designs installed anywhere and everywhere. Now you can pick her favorite feathered friend and hammer it into a tree or other wood. She’ll smile every time she sees it “fly.”