Batwoman Recap 1.18 — If You Believe In Me, I’ll Believe In You

A steady cam (or rather shaky cam) takes us through an uncut sequence of butt kicking. In epic style, Batwoman takes down a shady deal in a vacant lot where people are being sold for their organs. One of the cronies tries to snatch her wig but she puts the hurt on him. How dare. 

Unfortunately, the traffickers get away. Back at Wayne HQ Luke suggests maybe she should style her wig in a braid. Ha! Mary suggests the Bat Hair should shoot electricity, but then she says the idea is stupid. She’s not on the Bat Team. Kate’s trying to keep her safe, but REALLY? Mary’s been involved in some intense shit being on the sidelines already. Imagine if she was up-to-date and in the know? I’m waiting….

Tasked with finding out about Tommy Elliott’s involvement in Crows corruption and the murder of Lucius Fox, dream team Julia and Sophie snoop the playboy’s warehouse. Obviously, they flirt as they work, making fun of his self-absorbed portraits that reveal his “twig and berries.”

On the same case, Kate visits Arkham’s friendly neighborhood mental asylum. She sits down with Tommy who does a lot of weird breathy facial mannerisms. He’s both obsessed and disgusted with Bruce Wayne. Kate accuses him of killing Lucius. He slams the glass and says that’s a lie. When he returns to his cell, Alice is waiting for him. In exchange for a new face, Tommy agrees to give up the book which contains the secret to destroying the Bat Suit. 

The journal is at the top floor of a mob-infested clubhouse. Kate can’t contain her excitement for the mission — clubbing. Mary helps her decide on an outfit. “We want to hide the goods without hiding the goods, ya feel me.” And another Mary gem: “Fortunately, your Bat Boots are both functional AND on trend.” But she gets left out of the party. The gang literally walks into the Bat Cave without her. Like, it’s one thing not to have training for the field, but c’mon guys!

At the club, Kate learns from Julia that “Soph” (nickname basis, huh) came out of the closet to her mom. Finally. And that’s been hard. Kate thinks about what this means.

They spilt up to cover the club. Kate bumps into bartender Reagan (from episode three and four) who is still a bit heartbroken but also impressed that Kate bought properties and lowered the rent. The two share INTENSE eye contact. Reagan gives her a drink, and jokes that it’s called, “I sort of thought you’d fight harder to win me back and I’ve regretted walking away ever since.”

Julia turns off the lights as Batwoman breaks into Tommy’s office. The book is just laying there. After wondering if it’s a trap, she grabs it. It’s a trap. Julia gets caught, too.

Mary decides it’s up to her. Luke freaks out but she says, “Look, I know no one trusts me to pull this off, but I trust you to keep me safe.” As Gotham’s underworld bids to win a chained up Batwoman, Mary waltzes in like a boss offering $10 million. Wafting swagger, she boasts being the heir to Hamilton Dynamics “with money to spend.” The trafficker from earlier wins the right to kill Batwoman, but the briefcase of green that Mary brought is actually a bomb that explodes, giving her time to release Batwoman’s chains with a sweet accessory. Bat bb takes it from here.

Alice, who’s running the asylum from the inside now, releases one of Batwoman’s first villains: jewel thief Magpie, tasking her with retrieving the journal. She does, but just she can zipline away, Batwoman fights for it. Magpie throws the precious book off the roof and Batwoman swan dives off to grab it.

After all is said and done, Kate walks out of the building and bumps into Reagan again. Kate offers her a ride. Referring to Kate’s bar, Reagan asks “your place still open?” Kate flashes a mischievous glare. “Nope.”

Flashforward to them at home, candles amazing pre-lit, sexy lingerie flawlessly on booties. Both women move so fast, ripping clothes off, kisses quick, but in my humble opinion,none of it is deep and sultry like their previous smooshing. 

Then whoopsie, Kate wakes up the next morning and bae is GONE. And so is the journal (that she brought home in her tiny backpack which also somehow fit her Bat Suit??). She gets chastised bigtime by the Bat Squad. Pussy cost her the prize! It happens, sis.

Meanwhile, Reagan meets up with Magpie — her sister — for the exchange. Reagan wants out of the steal from the rich, give to the poor scheme they’ve always done. It cost her a girlfriend. And for what, turns out the journal is written in code!