Ruby Rose Steps Away from Batwoman

In lesbian news no one expected to hear, Ruby Rose has decided to step away from Batwoman. That’s right, the Batwoman herself is exiting the show. But, that doesn’t mean the show itself is over. It was renewed for a second season at the beginning of the year. With Rose stepping away from the role, it leaves the studio with the challenge of recasting the title character. The studio reiterated the fact that they are committed to the success of the show and that they, “look forward to sharing its new direction.” While Rose did not give a reason for her departure, she did thank the studio, cast, and crew of the show.

Whatever your opinion of the show may be, it’s hard to deny its importance when it comes to lesbian visibility. Kate Kane, the Batwoman, is an out lesbian superhero who was played by an out lesbian actress. How often does that happen? I can’t remember another time when it did. While the studio has some time to find Rose’s replacement thanks to a production shutdown, it’s still a challenge to find a lesbian actress to fit the role. Luckily, we here at AE have some suggestions.

Daria Berenato


You might be thinking, “but wait, isn’t she a WWE wrestler?” She is. And what of it? Dave Bautista also got his start in the WWE, and now he’s making bank as Drax in the MCU. We already know she can fight, she uses her platform for good, and she loves wearing black. It’s a perfect match! She can certainly give the character a bit more edge. Just imagine how good the fight choreography will be.

Patricia Velásquez

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So what if she’s a little older than Rose? Rosie Perez is in her 50s and she killed in Birds of Prey as Renee Montoya, Kate Kane’s ex-girlfriend. Many of us remember her as Anck Su Namun from The Mummy. Raise your hand if seeing her as an ancient Egyptian princess awakened something in you. And we know Velásquez can kick ass. We all saw her fight scenes in The Mummy Returns against Rachel Weisz, right? She’d be perfect for the role.

Zoie Palmer

lauren lewis zoie palmer gif | WiffleGif

Those of us who watched Lost Girl know she looks great in leather jackets, so why not? Sure Dr. Lauren Lewis didn’t get into too many fights, in fact she was usually being rescued. But that doesn’t mean Palmer can’t kick ass as the Batwoman. As the Android in Dark Matter we saw her throw some hands. Let’s not forget her stint as Jolene in Wynonna Earp. So we know she has the range.

But these are just a few suggestions. Who do you think should be the next Batwoman?