This Youtube Entertainer Came Out In The Cutest Way

Youtuber Tatiana Ringsby came out to the world, and her parents, on TikTok after baking them a cake with a very special message.

The model and social media star has never talked about sexuality on her platforms before. However, while in quarantine with her family in Hawaii, she decided it would be a great time to find a way to come out to her family and consequently the entire world. Ringsby is known for her Youtube videos as well as her viral short-form TikTok videos.

Ringsby decided to bake a cake to show her parents and have her brother film it. The cake said, “Surprise, I’m Bi” in blue and pink icing across it. Ringsby had her brother film her parent’s reaction, who embraced their daughter with love.

“Racial?” Ringsby’s father asked, as a joke as they are a bi-racial Hawaiian family. Ringsby responded, “bisexual” through her tears. Then her mother exclaimed, “Oh, good for you!” Then both parents embraced her and told her that they would love her no matter what. Her brother, Justin, said “We can go out to clubs in L.A. and pick up girls together!” and Ringsby smiled and said, “We totally can.”

See her coming out here.

In addition to posting her TikTok, Ringsby took to Twitter to thank her friends and followers for being some welcoming and accepting of her.

“Can’t even explain the weight that has been lifted off my shoulders,” Ringsby said. “Out and proud!”

Previously, Ringsby has only dated men publicly across her popular social media platforms. She recently ended her long term relationship, and many fans were confused as the couple had seemed so happy. Shortly after, Ringsby cut her hair drastically and dyed it in a half-and-half style stating that she had never felt more like herself. We love to see it!

All of these changes led up to Ringby’s coming out video, which shortly after went viral. The 20-year-old has fully embraced herself and it is evident through all of her videos and social media posts.

By filming and posting her parent’s positive reaction to her coming out, Ringsby is showing how wonderful coming out can truly be. The model’s parents showered her in nothing but love and were even excited for what’s to come. There are a lot of young women on TikTok who could stumble across this video and feel loved and accepted, knowing there are parents out there who will support their children no matter what. It is evident that Ringsby’s video has touched many, as the response has been huge.

Ringby’s TikTok has 3.7 million views and it is still growing. Many other TikTok users have used Ringsby’s coming out as an inspiration to come out to their own families, baking a cake and all. Ringsby has been reposting these videos inspired by her and filming her reactions to them on her TikTok profile.

See the reactions here.

“This lovely lady tagged me in her coming out the same way I did,” Ringsby said. “So proud of you angel!”

Ringsby has been out and proud, finally expressing her attraction to women on social media, which is such an incredible thing to see.

Similarly, Ringsby’s parents were so loving and accepting of her, and this gave Ringsby the perfect opportunity to tell them during quarantine. While they are all isolating at home together, Ringsby felt comfortable enough to come out to them, and hopefully their relationship is nothing but closer now afterward. While many women are not in a good situation to come out as lesbian or bisexual, Ringsby did inspire several women to come out as they felt safe to do so. That’s pretty cool!

Ringsby also posted on Twitter that after she came out to her parents, her dad said, “you can come out every week if you are going to continue making cakes.” Awww. Not to mention, the cake did look very good!

As we are fully in the swing of Pride Month, Ringsby’s coming out video comes just in time to provide one of the cutest ways to come out. By baking the cake for her parents, Ringsby came out in a way that also allowed for her parents to have the space to respond. By doing this, Ringsby takes a lot of the pressure off of her parents and it allows them a chance to be authentic with her. Likewise, serving the cake also let it speak for itself, and Ringsby did not have to say anything and could let her emotions flow. Plus, they get a cake!

All in all, Ringsby is now setting an example for other young women to feel safe and loved when coming out to their families. Coming out is never easy, and almost always comes with varying levels of stress and anxiety. It is such a wonderful thing to see Ringsby received so positively by her family members and hopefully many other women will be met with the same level of acceptance from their families, too.

Welcome to the club, Tati!