10 Lesbian & Bi Youtubers You Should Be Subscribed To

10 more lesbian and bi youtubers you should watch

Youtube continues to be one of the largest social media platforms with an ever-growing lesbian and bisexual community. While you’ve probably heard of famous lesbian Youtube vloggers like Rose and Rosie, there are a lot of other creators on the platform that identify as lesbian or bi!

Here is a list of 10 Lesbian and Bisexual YouTubers you should subscribe to today! Some may even surprise you…

1. Amy Ordman

Amy Ordman is your favorite vlogger from down under – she’s Australian and runs a podcast called Dating Straight where she talks about how she’s anything but! Amy infamously dated other lesbian YouTuber, Ally Hills, and has become a small but mighty voice in the lesbian community. Amy’s content ranges from swapping lives with other lesbian Youtubers, to her podcast, to just general lifestyle videos. She’s a must binge, for sure!

2. Alexis G. Zall

Alexis G. Zall came out on YouTube, and ever since she has been making satirical content about what it means to be a lesbian. Alexis uses her content to spread awareness and positive messages as well as educational resources. We love to see it!

3. Cammie Scott

Cammie Scott is a lifestyle and wellness Youtuber. She’s known for being femme to an extreme, and one of the “oldest” of her lesbian-Youtuber-friend group. You’ll often see Cammie out with her girlfriend Taryn and their dog making her your lesbian #goals!

4. Loey Lane

Many don’t know this about true crime and beauty YouTuber, Loey Lane, but she is actually bisexual! Loey’s videos range from plus size fashion haul’s to solving true-crime mysteries alongside her followers. Loey is a must binge, as her content’s range is so vast, you can never get bored!

5. Anna Campbell

Anna Campbell is definitely one of the most interesting bisexual women on YouTube. She infamously has dated other lesbian and bi YouTubers such as Ello Steph, Natalia Taylor, Taylor Lynn, and Andie Raves. Anna’s content focuses deeply on mental health and sexuality and also her experience working in a psych ward.

6. Taylor Lynn

Taylor Lynn got her start on YouTube while dating Anna Campbell, but has blossomed into her own over the last year. Taylor makes videos about mental health, dating, and lifestyle. Taylor has really come into her own and has claimed her bisexuality in the most confident of ways.

7. Tatiana Ringsby

Tatiana Ringsby recently came out as bisexual on TikTok, and ever since has been very open about her sexuality and lifestyle. Tati makes Hawaii based content, fashion videos, mental health videos, and more. She is definitely a must binge, especially for younger viewers!

8. Jessie Paege

Jessie Paege took the Youtube world by storm when she came out as bisexual over a year ago. Jessie makes content surrounding mental health, eating disorders, and what it means to be a bisexual woman growing up on the internet. Jessie is also a musician, using her music to spread the same messages of awareness and self-love. Jessie is very open and honest with her audience, which is what makes her so great!

9. EveryDayDays (Snow tha Product)

Did you know that famous rapper, Snow tha Product, is actually a bisexual YouTuber? Snow and her girlfriend Juju have a Youtube channel where they make videos about the rapper lifestyle, their family, and even their podcast together! This channel is a must-watch for all your wholesome lesbian content as well as being a little something different from traditional lesbi-youtube.

10. Tana Mongeau

Last but not least, miss Tana Mongeau. Did you know Tana is actually bisexual? Tana has dated Bella Thorne in the past and has mentioned in several videos her past relationships with women. Tana mostly posts content that is lifestyle-related and is also a musician and former MTV reality star. The YouTuber is a borderline celebrity at this point, and is constantly in scandal after scandal… but that’s exactly what makes her content so binge-worthy, right?

If you spend a lot of time binging YouTube videos, then many of these lesbian and bisexual vloggers might be for you! One of the great things about the YouTube platform is the ability for the lesbian and bisexual community to be authentically themselves and create content that can inspire and uplift their viewers in the community. In the same vein, lesbian and bisexual vloggers also highlight the fact that you can live normal, healthy lives while also being out to the world, essentially screaming it from the rooftops in a subtle kind of way.

Fans of YouTuber vloggers often feel like they are a part of their lives as the platform seems like a more intimate form of entertainment. Thus, having a foundation of bisexual women and lesbian content creators can make the social media platform feel more like home. YouTube gives members of the LGBT a voice and a place to create a dream career. So, what are you waiting for? Go check out these lovely ladies and smash that subscribe button!