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lesbian news August 2020

Missed out on the latest in lesbian news? Don’t worry! We got you covered!


The trailer for the new historical drama staring Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan just dropped. Check it out for yourself.

The film is based on real life paleontologist Mary Anning, portrayed by Winslet, and her relationship with geologist Charlotte Murchison, portrayed by Ronan. Upon first glance, it should be joyous news that we get a new lesbian movie! But once you dig a little deeper, it doesn’t seem so great. Never mind the 18-year age difference between Ronan and Winslet. The movie was written and directed by a man. And while the these two women were close friends in real life, there’s little evidence to show they anything more than that. What do you ladies think?

Lesbian Influencers Launch Donor Sperm Giveaway

I am sorry to have to make you read that with your own two eyes. The self described “femme lesbians couple,” Allie Conway and Sam Kwiatkowski teamed up with Fairfax Cryobank to offer one of their followers a single vile of donor sperm of the winner’s choice. It even included free shipping. Like that somehow made it any less weird. Some of their followers were actually quite excited by the offer. Others were equally horrified and perplexed. Personally, I am preoccupied with the snakes that have physically manifested in my home due to this news.


Lesbian Penguins Become Moms

In better, much cuter news, lesbian penguin couple Electra and Viola from Spain’s Oceanográfic València aquarium welcomed their new baby chick recently. Caregivers noted that the pair had a bad case of the baby fever after they built nests out of stones. So what did they do? Took a fertile egg from a heterosexual couple and gave it to the pair. But not to worry! The heterosexual penguins didn’t even notice the missing egg. Fun fact, homosexuality is actually very common in penguins and is seen in over 450 non-human animal species. The more you know.

Germany Plans Equal Rights for Lesbian Mothers

What does this mean exactly? A baby born to a lesbian couple will have two mothers and neither will be required to adopt the child. The law Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht states that the focus of the law is the child’s wellbeing. “The law must respond to these diverse forms of family life,” she added. but, the law would only affect lesbians. Gay men would still have to go through the adoption process.

Kamala Harris Chooses Lesbian as Her Chief of Staff

Kamala Harris has been making waves since Joe Biden chose her as his running mate. But even before she officially accepted her nomination, she already decided to continue making history. She chose Karine Jean-Pierre, an out Black lesbian, as her Chief of Staff.

Jean-Pierre has ample amounts of experience. She even worked on Obama’s campaign in 2008. She is also an activist who has fought for fair labor practices. Want to know more about her? You’re in luck! We wrote about her!

Nigerian Film About Lesbians Goes Online to Avoid Censorship

“Ife,” which means love in the Yoruba language, is a lesbian love story. But, there is a problem. Same-sex relationships are punishable by up to 14 years in prison in Nigeria. The movie’s producer, Pamela Aide sates that “the censors board is playing a big part in stopping these kinds of stories from coming to the big screen… and it is just stifling creativity.” She’s right and she should say it. Meanwhile, Uzoamaka Aniunoh, one of the actresses starring the film, says the movie offers a glimpse into lives of some-sex relationships. “I don’t feel like it’s bold. I feel like it’s ordinary.” You can watch the trailer below.

Sonya Deville’s Tough Week

Earlier this week, we reported on the break-in at the home of WWE superstar Sonya Deville. A man was arrested for breaking in and attempted kidnapping. He had been stalking her online for years and planned his crime nearly eight months in advance. All this happening just a week before her big match against former best friend Mandy Rose at WWE’s Summer Slam. The Friday after the incident, just days before the match, Sonya made an appearance on SmackDown to up the ante of her match against Mandy. The loser would have to leave the WWE for good. While the match was applauded for being one of the most entertaining of the night, Sonya lost.

For anyone who doesn’t know how the WWE works, while the fighting and stunts are certainly real, nearly everything else is scripted. The loss was most likely scripted in response to earlier events. Sonya posted her goodbyes on both Twitter and Instagram.


While we hate to see her go, but we completely understand wanting to distance herself from the public eye for a while. We wish her nothing but the best.

Nneka Ogwumike and Sue Bird Pen Op-Ed on Social Justice and Sports

The WNBA superstars wrote an op-ed for Phenomenal Media about the intersection of the WNBA and social justice. The WNBA’s shortened season this year is dedicated to social justice after all. The pair talk about the evolution of women’s sports, how important activism is when it comes to being a female athlete, and what it means to honor forgotten victims of police brutality who are more often than not, Black women. More importantly, the women asked for your support. Because in supporting the WNBA, whose players make only a fraction of what NBA players make despite being owned by the same people, is supporting their dedication to long lasting societal change.

The NWSL is Back, Baby!


Well, not right away. But they will be! The NWSL announced it would back with the Fall Series. The CBS Television Network and the CBS Sports Network will broadcast matches every Saturday between September 5th and October 17th. There will be 18 matches over seven weeks. But, how will they manage when we’re in the middle of deadly global pandemic? Well, the teams will be separated into three-team pods. Teams within each pod will play one another to minimize travel. They will no doubt implement the same strict procedures from the Challenge Cup and modify to include the added risk of traveling. And the pods are divided based on region. The western pod includes the OL Reign, the Portland Thorns, and the Utah Royals. The northeastern pod includes the Chicago Red Stars, Sky Blue FC, the Washington Spirit. The southern pod includes The North Carolina Courage, the Orlando Pride, and the Houston Dash. Many players did head overseas for a chance to play again this year, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still tune in for some great soccer.