11 Lesbian and Bisexual Twitch Streamers You Should Sub To

Lesbian Twitch streamers to subscribe to

Do you find yourself watching random Twitch streams, wanting to find a streamer that you relate to? Never fear, AfterEllen is here!

Twitch is an online streaming platform, mostly used by people streaming the video games that they are playing. However, you can also head over to Twitch to watch live streams of ASMR, watching shows together, and more. Twitch even has a fabulous option to browse by LGBT streamers, to find some who you really identify with. That being said, we have handpicked 11 Lesbian and Bisexual Twitch streamers for you to sub to below, so you don’t even have to search!

Rotten Papi

Adrienne is a gaming streamer, and she streams retro and classing games. If you’re looking for a silly and fun time, look no further than Rotten Papi. Adrienne got started with Twitch after years of watching her brother play games and playing herself, too.


Djarii is a gamer and body painter who streams on Twitch! She is from England and prides herself on her fun persona while streaming. If you’re interested in body painting, too, Djarii is the one for you!


Ashley always has a little pep in her step, and loves to spread positivity on her streams! You can catch Ashley streaming either video games or drawing, but most of the time she’s just chatting.



Sam is a gaming streamer, with tons of variety in her games of choice! She is best known for her love of Harry Potter and for spreading joy and positivity on her streams. Give her a follow if you vibe with that kind of thing!

That Bronze Girl


That Bronze Girl is into all things comic book related. She also plays video games! She reads comics on stream and plays a wide variety of GM pen and paper games, as well as class video games, too. She is a must-follow for all things geeky.


With KrinxShow, you get a two for one! This Twitch channel is made up of a married lesbian couple who stream while playing video games and being impossibly adorable. Follow KrinxShow for a fun time!


Shen is your neighborhood bisexual who call herself a disaster! However, come to her streams for a good time playing Final Fantasy and talking about Voxer. You won’t regret it!



AnneMunition is into bouldering, graphic design, and working on her car. However, she often streams herself playing games and is a very popular Twitch streamer. You can catch her also composing music! We love to see it.


Annie is a very popular streamer, and she strives to bring good vibes and gay content to Twitch. She often is found playing Valorant, but she is also a musician as well!


Zoey is a popular gay gaming streamer who plays games like Astroneer! Definitely give Zoey a follow if you’re into space-related games and want to be part of a very accepting and open community.


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Celemeh is a Scientist streamer, who is studying Gene editing and Robotics programs. If geeking out is your thing, Celesmeh is the streamer for you!