Lez Dish It Out: September 24, 2020

the latest lesbian news

Tired of endlessly scrolling your feeds looking for the news you care about? Take a rest weary lesbian traveler. We have scrolled the feeds to find lesbian news. Just for you.

Rest in Power, Notorious RBG

We’re all still mourning the loss of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She was a champion to many, but for women especially. Aside from her work for abortion rights, stating that “the government has no business making that choice for a woman,” and her fight against discrimination on the basis of sex, did you know she was also the first Supreme Court justice to officiate a same-sex wedding? On August 13, 2013 she officiated the ceremony between Michael Kaiser and John Roberts. RBG worked tirelessly despite fighting five different bouts of cancer. The night her passing was announced, thousands flocked to the steps of the Supreme Court. Days later, this was the scene outside the Court as people waited for her casket to arrive.

It’s heartbreaking to think she did not have the opportunity to rest during her last years, and the death of one woman is enough for millions to fear for their lives. But we cannot give into despair. We’ll continue to fight in her honor. It’s what she would’ve wanted.

Houston’s Only Lesbian Bar Receives Funding to Stay Open

In recent years, we’ve watched as lesbian spaces disappear. So this is welcome news. The Pearl Bar received funding in an effort to preserve businesses that serve the LGBT community. The bar, like many others, has struggled during the pandemic. Owner Julie Mabry started a GoFundMe page to help cover expenses and has since raised over $34,500, just short of her $35,000 goal. The bar is only one of two lesbian bars in Texas.

Punkie Johnson cast in SNL


The out, Black lesbian will appear on Saturday Night Live’s 46th season. Now Kate McKinnon won’t feel so lonely! A New Orleans native, Johnson describes herself as a “brutally honest southern lesbian.” She has a background in comedy, acting, and writing. A triple threat that’s perfect for SNL. Aside from performing at various comedy clubs, Johnson was also in the Netflix series “Space Force” and the film “The Ride.” You can catch her debut when SNL’s next season premieres on October 3rd.

Fed Cup Changes Name to Honor Billie Jean King

Say goodbye to the Fed Cup and hello to the Billie Jean Cup. For decades, tennis icon and lesbian legend Billie Jean King has worked tirelessly for equality and social justice. And now she has her own tournament named after her. What’s even more amazing is this will be the first major global competition to be named after a woman. This all comes after changes to ensure the prize money for this competition is in line with the men’s Davis Cup. “I’m still in shock.” King said of the honor. “It’s really a privilege, and it’s also a responsibility. It’s wild, it’s great, it’s wonderful.”

North Dakota Councilwoman Stands Up for Lesbians During Heated Debate About the Rainbow Flag


City councilwoman Carrie Evans shut down a group of homophobes who complained about the pride flag outside of city hall. Love that journey for her! “I live in Minot. I am a taxpayer. I am a person. I get to see myself represented on that flagpole,” Evans said. And just to flex on them she added, “I am proudly the first openly elected lesbian in North Dakota.” The flag’s display was approved by the mayor after a local LGBT group asked that it be flown. The flag was originally supposed to fly during Pride Month, but the pandemic caused a delay. It was put up earlier this month.

Janelle Monáe’s New Projects

Janlle Monáe has been busy. Her new horror thriller Antebellum topped the streaming charts on Vudu and FandangoNOW. The film’s original theatrical release was April 24th, but Miss Rona had other plans. In the film, Monáe portrays a successful author who finds herself flung back in time and trapped in the US’s era of slavery.

But wait! There’s more! Monáe also released a new song, “Turntables.” The song is featured on the soundtrack for the Amazon original film All In: The Fight for Democracy. The film takes a look at the history and current activism against voter suppression. Monáe states that she hopes the song will help energize today’s revolution. “So, this song is to keep us motivated. This song is to uplift us and keep us galvanized when we’re fatigued. And this song is really for the people,” she states. Watch the video below and tell us what you think!

Megan Rapinoe Can’t Stop Winning


You read that right, Time Magazine chose Megan Rapinoe as one of the 100 Most Influential People of 2020. Since winning the World Cup and bringing home every piece of hardware she could possibly win, Pinoe has become the face of US Soccer. But her work doesn’t stop once she’s stepped off the pitch. She’s been outspoken in her activism. When Pinoe isn’t fighting the US Soccer Federation for equal pay, she’s advocating for racial justice and LGBT rights. She cannot be stopped. And if that wasn’t cool enough, she was also ranked #1 in FIFA ’21’s top female players.


Ellen Addresses Controversies During Season Premiere

It’s been a summer of controversies for Ellen DeGeneres. There’s no way to avoid it, so the talk show host addressed allegations of a toxic workplace in a seven-minute monologue during the season premiere of her show. “As you may have heard, this summer there were allegations of a toxic work environment at our show and then there was an investigation.” She started. She goes on to apologize to those affected. “I take responsibility for what happens at my show,” she added. She also went on to praise the 270 employees who work under her. She ends it by saying she is committed to making this upcoming season the best. You can watch her full monologue below.

Netflix Original Series Away Features Ultimate LDR Lesbian Romance

The show starring Hilary Swank follows astronauts and their families back home as they make the long journey to becoming the first humans to set foot on Mars. And no, Hilary Swank is not the lesbian on this show. Dr. Lu Wang, a chemist headed to Mars, falls in love with NASA translator Mei Chen. The third episode of the series focuses on how their love affair blossomed. When we said lesbians were the queens of long distance relationships, we meant that.