Styled Out: Vamp it up

As I’m writing to you, the fall solstice is upon us. I’ll admit that I’m totally into all of the gore and glamour that the season has to offer, mostly because I’m a Halloween baby (my birthday is the day before) so it’s in my veins or something.

Over the past year or so the trend of embracing the dark and inner angsty goth teen has become mainstream, what with novels like the Twilight and Sookie Stackhouse series, not to mention the films and television series based on the books to coincide with them. It’s like everyone caught bloodsucking fever, myself included and I don’t think it’s any fault of True Blood‘s Maryann — tall and dark has pretty much always held the trophy for “winner” in the romance category, so it’s pretty typical but oddly cool.

I have to say as a pretense, though, that while I can’t support reading the Twilight books for personal reasons, you can bet I wouldn’t miss Kristen Stewart consorting with vampires on the big screen — it’s too hot.

I’m all for black for autumn, truly. As with most things, when it’s layered properly, it can actually be quite striking and not so pissed-off-15-year-old-who’s-into-Marilyn-Manson. If you throw on a charcoal gray over-sized top over opaque black tights with some motorcycle boots it not only hides each and every one of your flaws but looks super sleek, too.

Wearing any combination of black jeans and black sneakers makes you look more dressed up when you and I both know that you’re kinda dressed down. My favorite way to accomplish this look is by wearing black Converse low-tops. Dressing in black from head to toe is a total classic that you can always fall back on when you feel like you have nothing to wear. I have several “little black dresses” in my wardrobe, no lie.

Some people are taking the vampire thing into places I’m not sure it was ever supposed to go. MTV has got a new intern and wow, talk about a Twilight lover — girl has taken the up-and-coming Team Wolfpack T-shirt designs that will be hitting Nordstrom in just a few weeks and given the world it’s own preview entitled Twilight Fashion Week, for no other reason than to cleverly coincide with New York and London’s fashion weeks. Well played, young intern lady.

I love her because she totally went balls out and world-wide with her super fan-dom while also keeping the rest of the highly enthusiastic Twilight readers abreast of the merchandise. If you’re interested, it sounds like they’ll be in stores well before the New Moonpremiere so rest assured you’ll be properly dressed for the event.

Doesn’t it seem like vampire-kind are always wearing a trench or some other kind of cool coat that they can swoop away in at any moment? The Lost Boys, an awesome ’80s fang-filled flick, was practically oozing dark chicness.

I particularly like Kiefer Sutherland‘s take on it — he’s wearing the most lust worthy trench throughout the duration of this classic and it’s begging to be mimicked. I like how London Fog did the coat this season in double-breasted military style, but they’re tried and true when it comes to these matters so it comes as no real surprise and since it’s wool it’ll hold up as the temperature drops.

Are you vamping up your wardrobe?