Styled Out: The urge to merge closets

The jokes surrounding lesbians about merging their lives together are about a dime a dozen. Despite being over-used generalizations that don’t apply to the masses, one extra scary stereotype is “the lesbian urge to merge.” I think you’ll all know what I’m talking about when I discuss girlfriends that dress alike.

Even if you don’t personally know “that” couple, you’ve definitely seen them out and about in their matching button-ups. I don’t care if they’re the same flannel shirt just in different colors, it’s a no-go. I myself almost fell victim to this very debacle this weekend, when I tried to convince my girlfriend that it was “OK” if I ordered the same mid-calf boots that she owns in brown, just in black. Thinking back, I’m wondering if it was some sort of possession because I can’t believe I almost initiated that kind of horror.

What was I thinking? Haven’t I seen enough bad examples?

Here’s the thing: It’s totally great, wildly homosexual and really cute to coordinate with your GF, just don’t try and snag her style straight up.

Rachel and I are fans of keeping the same color palate in check when we have to dress to impress and sometimes we do it just for fun. We were both wearing a lot of gray tones last Saturday for a pumpkin carving party and I must say, the coordination technique is subtle but makes you look oh-so subconsciously in sync with one another and it’s a look that doesn’t look bad on anyone.

If you’re sporting a teal dress, for instance, it might be cute if your better half took the initiative to throw on a teal tie just to complete your perfect pair “look.” If she’s wearing a red sports jacket to a cocktail affair, and you’re sticking to a little black number, throw on a red beaded necklace or even a red belt for a pop of color and a cue for your sweetie pie.

One of theories surrounding this whole “one and the same” mentality is that sometimes it seems as though society doesn’t validate our relationships and it’s some sort of shout out to the planet that you’re together and in the same mindset. It’s truly not as horrifying as I’m making it seem but it’s totally scary to see “identical” lesbians in matching power suits, OK? Keep it in the front of your mind, ladies.