Lesbians fall into stereotypes on “Bored to Death”

Over breakfast, Ray tells his girlfriend, Leah (Heather Burns), that he met a lesbian couple who asked him for a sperm donation — at a coffee shop.

I’m not sure how that works — "I’ll take a Venti non-fat, half-caff, quarter-sweet, sugar-free vanilla latte. And some of your sperm"?

Leah is less than thrilled with the prospect of Ray fathering someone else’s child.

Ray: They’re very nice ladies! Well, one of them is. I’d be doing them a huge favor.
Leah: I don’t feel good about this; I don’t want you to be a sperm donor.
Ray: But it’s flattering! They’re fans of my work! I’ve never had lesbian fans before.
Leah: They should go to a sperm bank. You can’t just give your sperm to two girls you met in a cafe.
Ray: I met you in a cafe.

Leah says she’s concerned about over-population; after all, there’s a plastic island the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean. Ray argues that helping one lesbian couple have a child isn’t going to add that much plastic to the island, so Leah snips that he’s not listening to her. No, really listening. Listening, listening. She suggests he go to therapy to work out his listening issues.

Ray’s response? "OK, I’ll trade you therapy for sex. It’s been almost three weeks."

Oh, to be conceived because of an ill-advised sex-for-therapy transaction.

Ray stands to fill up his coffee cup, and we get an eye-full of him in his skivvies. Apparently he and Leah had this conversation on pants-less Tuesday, the day of the week all freelancers go without trousers.

Not that I know anything about that.