Lesbians fall into stereotypes on “Bored to Death”

There are plenty of lesbian stereotypes on Bored to Death. It depicts Park Slope as home to a thousand lesbian couples, all of whom are radical vegans that buy their food at a local co-op, have "those triangle tattoos" that "stand for vaginas or women’s restrooms or something like that," and are filled with such an insatiable desire to reproduce that they’re willing to buy unknown, untested sperm from the black market.

But the show is written by a quintessential Brooklyn writer named Jonathan Ames about a quintessential Brooklyn writer named Jonathan Ames. Naval-gazing and stereotyping just kind of go with the territory.

And unlike other male-centric comedies on HBO — I’m looking at you, EntourageBored to Death‘s men treat women with a lot of respect.

In fact, the female guest-casting is pretty inspired.

Kristen Wiig plays a Jessica Rabbit-esque alcoholic who thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her, when he’s actually just attending Al-anon meetings.

Wiig’s Saturday Night Live co-star Jenny Slate (of F-Bomb fame) plays Jonathan’s stoner love interest.

Laila Robins is George’s (Ted Danson) ex-wife.

Parker Posey is an overprotective mom who hires Jonathan to recover her son’s stolen skateboard.

Essayist, historian and Partly Cloudy Patriot Sarah Vowell guest stars as a reporter.

And The Daily Show‘s former special correspondent Samantha Bee plays the un-pregnant lesbian in the couple who conceived with Ray’s sperm.

At its heart, Bored to Death is a mellow rumination on hipster culture, with enough literary references thrown in to make a bibliophile’s heart soar. It’s probably not worth your time if you’re looking for an original lesbian tale. But if you are a lesbian who owns dog-eared copies of every Sarah Vowell book, you might enjoy it.

The best I can say about Bored to Death‘s lesbian storyline is that while it’s not fresh, it’s also not offensive. And if writers are going to embrace cliches when they write lesbian characters, boring is almost always better than dead.

The final episode of the first season of Bored to Death airs this Sunday at 9:30 pm on HBO.