“Venice” releases a trailer and theme song

Just in time for the holidays, Crystal Chappell‘s Venice has dropped its first trailer and set a release date. (Happy Thanksgiving/Christmakkuh!)

The much talked about web series featuring former Guiding Light costars Chappell and Jessica Leccia will debut on Dec. 4 and the first teaser is enough to make any Otalia fan’s heart burst with glee.


That’s a lot of plot for 12 six-minute episodes! It’s also more lesbian affection than Guiding Light managed in many, many seasons.

In a podcast on venicetheseries.com, Crystal and Jessica talk a little bit about being handcuffed when it came to showing physical affection on GL, but they both expressed respect for their characters and gratitude for having been involved in Otalia’s love story. And they were eager to talk about this new project.

Interviewer: There is so much talk about Venice, just an absolute media blitz. In all my years of journalism, I’ve never seen anything like it. I’ve never seen this kind of excitement [for a web series.]

Jessica: I get contacted by friends — just so you know, Crystal — all the time, asking if I’ve seen you in this and that and this add and that mention and this thing, all the time. I’ve never heard anyone talk about a web series before.

Crystal: Well, it’s been fun for us. And we’re lucky. We have you, Jessi, and we have all these great actors. And we have a wonderful AP, who was the second AP on Arrested Development, and other projects. And we just have really, really gifted people who are on board with this — me and you included — who are excited about it, and just so excited to work on it. It really is everyone’s show, because people have just poured their heart and their enthusiasm into it. And that includes the fans.

One of those gifted, enthusiastic heart-pourers is out musician Jen Foster, who wrote Venice‘s theme song, “Venice Beach,” which you heard in the trailer. (You can listen to or download it at Jen’s MySpace.)

Yesterday, Jen Tweeted: “Can I just say…such powerful, positive energy around “Venice”…Kimmy has been amazing, and I can’t wait to meet Crystal & everyone else!”

Venice really does feel like it’s infused with uncommon energy and affection. Most web series’ are labors of love, but the production value of this project seems to be amped up a notch or two.

What do you think of the first teaser trailer? Are you excited for the premiere on December 4?