Morning Brew: Friday, Nov. 20


Reporters keep asking Precious director Lee Daniels why the lesbian teacher in the film is “so pretty.” His response: “I have no problem with pretty lesbians, and besides, I thought it would be nice to have one glamorous character in the mix after all we go through with the mother. Why not the lesbian teacher who turns out to be the real hero and the one friend to Precious? When you have beauty on screen, you can breathe. Who cares if she’s queer?” Mr. Daniels, your casting was very effective.

Paula Patton: You so pretty

Tila Tequila “is a lesbian” because she thinks “a woman’s body is a beautiful thing.” She also made a bizarre nudie video to prove it. Feminism thanks you, Tila.

Cindy Brady (real name Susan Olsen) says she wishes her TV sisters would reconcile, but Jan (née Eve Plumb) is still upset about the “tiresome and false insinuations that [she and Maureen McCormick] had a lesbian affair.” Way to ruin the fantasies of Barry Williams.

Dakota Fanning recently made a bizarre statement about her kissing Kristen Stewart in The Runaways. She followed up the details that their make-out was “passionate” with, “We’re playing Joan Jett and Cherie Curie and they’re best friends in the film and became really close in real life. And that’s something that went down back in the ‘70s.” Did she mean that the make-out actually went down in the ’70s (which it did) or that girls just made out with their bestest friends back then? On second thought, that’s probably true, too.

If this were the ’70s, we’d be frenching right now.

You want some more Christine Woods? She was interviewed by Back Stage about the beginning stages of her career — aka pre-lesbian playing.

Remember when we talked about The Good Wife‘s Kalinda possibly being bisexual? Well, it’s still a possibility, but we won’t find out for a while, most likely: EW is reporting that the show is casting for a male love interest for her, and sex is involved. Sigh.

AE reader Kimberly let us know that you can have a Cat Cora Google theme. Not to ruin it for you, but this isn’t what it looks like.

Shop girl

Grey’s Anatomy will now feature after-show webisodes. Is that where we’ll finally get some more Calzona action? Thank god for the Internet.

And just so you know that I listen to your demands, you asked for more Ruby Rose, and I will oblige you. The Aussie lesbian TV personality will help cover the 2010 Winter Olympics for Foxtel. Specifically, she’ll be reporting on snowboarding and freestyle skiing.

Who doesn’t love a sporty dyke?

And with that, have a great weekend.