“Life UneXpected” may bring new life to CW

How much hype for a new show is too much? We may find out, as CW gears up its promotion for Life UneXpected.

I hadn’t seen much about the show until last weekend; now it seems to be everywhere. And CW is investing one of its most popular time slots in the drama by putting Life UneXpected in Gossip Girl’s place during the GG hiatus. (It will move to One Tree Hill’s slot when GG returns.)

The cast is pure CW, with network vets Shiri Appleby (Roswell), Kerr Smith (Dawson’s Creek) and Kristoffer Pholaha (Valentine) playing Cate, Ryan and Baze, grownups whose lives are turned upside-down by the appearance of a 15-year-old girl named Lux, played by Britt Robertson.

Lux has spent her life in a series of foster homes and wants to become an emancipated minor, which requires her birth parents’ signatures. Cate and Baze are the parents, although Baze had no clue that high school GF Cate had been pregnant.

Since the show is named Life UneXpected, we already know that the emancipation process will not go smoothly. Here’s the extended trailer.


If advance reviews can be trusted, the resemblance to Gilmore Girls is more than in premise. The characters have chemistry, the writing is excellent, the story blends humor and emotion and drama to good effect and the acting is top-notch. According to TV Fanatic, the “cast is as wonderful as the spelling of the show’s title is stupid.” Which is very. (Update, the capital "X" is no more. Editors everywhere thank you, CW.)

No word on whether Life UneXpected will have any LGBT characters, but creator Liz Tigelaar worked on both Brothers & Sisters and Once & Again — a very good sign for us. Tiglelarr also wrote the PrettyTOUGH books, which explore the theme of girls in sports. (I haven’t read the books, so give us your thoughts in the comments if you have.)

I don’t know about you, but I can’t help being a little eXcited about Life UneXpected. As much as I love Gossip Girl, I miss the kind of shows The WB used to produce — that combination of snappy and sappy I was embarrassed to love but never missed. I’ll definitely be watching to see what happens when the show premiers Jan. 18.

How about you? What do you expect from Life UneXpected?