Styled Out: Gay weddings are trending

If you read last week’s Styled Out, or are pals with me on Twitter or Facebook, you can probably guess that I’ve got my wedding on the brain. My partner Rachel and I had started planning our nuptials when we found out about Crate and Barrel’s Ultimate Wedding Contest and submitted our story. In our dream world, obviously we would win the whole deal and some wild wedding coordinator will plan some banging party that will go off without a hitch, but I’ve managed to reel myself in and focus on the progression of the impending day.

I’ve had a lot of travel time in the past week, and I managed to pour through Real Simple‘s current wedding issue from front to back and though I couldn’t put it down — they just have so many brilliant ideas! I was periodically irked at the sole straight references in the text. It is 100% made for every hetero couple’s magic (they often refer to your “husband”), but I came to terms with it and drank up a lot of the suggestions not pertaining to impressing my “dude.” It’s complete with checklists, budget strategies and tons of both classic and innovative ways to do anything and in any way that you may want to do it. I was highlighting my little hand off during the duration of my four hour flight over the weekend. I also appreciated the break from magazines like Brides. Real Simple truly does know how to keep it real.

In the issue the subject of the bridal party was brought up, which was interesting to me. I’ve talked before about how cool it is when the couple getting hitched is realistic and respectful of their party’s wardrobe requests, but I got to thinking — talk about breaking ground and making new tradition. We have the power, people! With gay couple’s getting married and giving the finger to the government and proceeding with their “commitment ceremonies” with full gusto we are paving the way for gay traditions to come.

One idea in particular that I’d borrow from the straight’s in a heartbeat is mixing and matching the bridesmaid’s dresses. Keeping the same color scheme but with each girl wearing a dress that she has selected in the cut and style of her choice. That’s forward thinking.

I love, love, love when those wearing the suits pair them some really fancy sneakers when they’re dressing to impress. I think some kicks by Nike would go nicely with many a tux or suit and I’m basically going to try and convince you that they would, too. It really says “All my life, I prayed for someone like you,” don’t you think? You could color coordinate with your palette, imagine how perfectly it will all match and accent. That’s all I ask.

Mostly I like the idea that the option to have an entourage or to not is becoming a total “thing” or even a bit of mix and match. The thing is, now-a-days most couples actually have the ability to decide how they want these sorts of things to play out since they’re likely footing some, if not all of the cost. We now have the right to draw the line concerning our human accessories for the big day (or lack there of). Now we just need to figure out how to replace all of those penis veils with vagina veils for bachelorette parties.

If you and your partner are tying the knot, you need to check out immediately. The fashion and etiquette sections are extremely helpful for those of us not well versed in the area of same sex “I Do’s” and an entire search engine for finding queer friendly vendors is off the hook and oh-so-helpful. Also wonderful and gay: So You’re Engayged and

So much to discuss as we break into this traditionally traditional tradition! What do you think?