Morning Brew: Thursday, Feb. 25, 2010

Good morning, gay women.

Some great news for those going to the Girl Bar Dinah Shore Week: Samantha Ronson has been booked to spin at the Pure White Party on Friday, April 2 at Hotel Zoso Ballroom. Get your white bras and boyshorts ready! I hear she’s not impressed by girls dancing in front of her booth for attention, but maybe you could try requesting a dance remix of her song from Mean Girls. OK, maybe not.

Brandi Carlile (aka a guitar player with some majorly great guns) has released a video for her new single, “That Year.”

Oh look — more bare arms. I like her new look. She wore entirely too many sleeves before. Brandi’s also announced that she’ll be performing on the live music TV series Austin City Limits, taping sometime in March.

And Kaki King is filming her own music video for her single, “Falling Day.”Check out a still she shared via Twitpic.

Creepy and I love it.

Speaking of hot women in rock ‘n roll, check out the new TV spot for The Runaways.

If you missed that millisecond of KStew’s naked back, please rewatch.

Do you still want to see more of Kathy Griffin on SVU? She’s really hitting the press hard, so here’s some more of her on the set, talking about her “Emmy-worthy” performance.

Glenn Close once one an Obie Award for playing a 19th century Irish woman who dresses in drag to disguise herself in a man in the stage play The Singular Life of Albert Nobbs. Now, she’s bringing the character to the screen, and will be writing and producing the movie herself. Production is said to begin this summer. (Thanks, Aviva!)

Until tomorrow!