Morning Brew: Monday, March 1

It’s March already? I like it. Bring on spring!

Brazil’s Big Brother fans might be bummed that lesbian housemate Angelika was ousted last week, but here’s something that could cheer you up. She posed for several NSFW-ish photos for Paparazzo. Also, Playboy‘s editor-in-chief has apparently expressed interest in getting Angelika and her crush on the show, Cocoa, to pose for a cover shoot. As hot as the photos are, this definitely scares me. Both of these publications might have some lesbian readers, but they’re a little more geared toward men — just in case you weren’t aware. (Thanks Marcela!)

Lesbian comedian Kelli Dunham detailed her trip down to Haiti to help on her blog. Check out her photos and firsthand experience in visiting Port au Prince. (Hat tip, Holly.)

The Baby Formula is now available on DVD from Wolfe. Getting pregnant at the same time as your partner could be your idea of Heaven, or your worst nightmare. There’s only one way to find out — well, there’s two ways, but watching the movie might be easier. reader Mike sent us a note about a great new Canadian Hyundai Elantra commercial where a woman leaves a trace of her lipstick pucker on a note and places is on the car’s windshield. When the owner returns, you find it’s (OMG) a woman. They’re obviously trying to give Subaru a run for their money.

The Daily Mail has a bizarre profile of Alicia Keys in which they keep mentioning lesbian rumors but without any direct comment from Alicia. They also cite that the rumors stem from “her acclaimed performance” as a lesbian assassin in Smokin’ Aces. I’m pretty sure they surfaced before 2006, but that certainly didn’t help.

Here’s a little good news on the Coronation Street lesbian storyline. Helen Flanagan plays the Rosie, sister of Brooke Vincent‘s Sophie, who will be one of the girls exploring her sexuality on the show. Helen told The Sun: “The story’s quite cleverly done. It’s going to be implicit, not explicit, and we want that to come across. It’s emotional and more about the feelings. You’ll be surprised at how [Rosie] reacts. She will stand by Sophie. When you love your sister, you support her.” Can’t wait to see what happens when it airs in April.

The 2010 Whitney Biennial features two out women artists: Emily Roysdon and Sharon Hayes. The latter’s piece is a four-channel video installation called Parole, which “focuses on constructions of gender, sexuality, and protest through public speech.” And if the name Emily Roysdon sounds familiar, she’s not only an artist, but sometimes performs with JD Samson‘s band MEN.

Legendary actress Marlene Dietrich is finally getting her due. She’ll be honored with the first star on German’s brand new Berlin Walk of Fame. Not only that, but she’s getting her own biopic, in which she’ll be played by Gwyneth Paltrow.

BBC Worldwide Productions bought the rights to the biography Dietrich’s daughter Maria Riva penned, and will film it for both the BBC and HBO. So who will play her lover Mercedes de Acosta, the woman who also had an affair with Greta Garbo? I don’t know, but they better put it in the film, or I know some lesbians who will be very angry. (Myself included.)

Leisha Hailey‘s Uh Huh Her counterpart, Camila Grey, will be playing keyboard on Adam Lambert‘s upcoming tour. It’s a good thing Camila is so gay-friendly!

Anyone But Me creator Susan Miller will be on the Blog Talk Radio program The Cancer Show today to discuss sex and cancer. As she told us, “I’ve had them both!”

Check it out: Jane Lynch channeling Sue Sylvester in her NOH8 photo.

And lastly, SVU is really trying to keep us guessing about Wednesday night’s episode. This Tweet from Kathy Griffin makes us wonder what’s really going to happen on Wednesday night.

They sure do know how to get an audience going.

Chew on all that, and we’ll talk more tomorrow.