Styled Out: Militant lesbian

I know we’ve talked about clothing and politics before, but what if the garment in question aren’t obviously in their offense? I don’t know if you guys have noticed or not, but the military look is coming back pretty hard this spring. The style is always waiting in the wings; it’s a classic that just happens to ebb and flow and right now it just so happens to be raging. It’s sort of in the same vein as vintage, when done well and not the similar theme in an ensemble, it adds an edge without much effort.

Wearing an army-like jacket is more than “defense” against the weather, it’s kitschy and generally perceived as cool because it can be offbeat while simultaneously matching with most everything. But what does this mean for you as a queer person?

I don’t need to tell any of my readers who live in the United States what a hot topic Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is right now, so as good as it may look, does that mean you should drop that jacket? I personally don’t think so, but I’m not the drill Sargent of your moral wardrobe agenda. I don’t support the war in Iraq, but I do support the folks who have chosen to serve our country. As long as your interpretation isn’t literal other people shouldn’t take it that way either. Besides, whose gayer than a “militant” dyke? Touche.

What I’m into is not full on camo (which I’m definitely never a fan of, just for the record) and the style that I do favor is more of the “days of old” look. Looks like Rhianna agrees with me, though I kind of want to borrow hers. Her Balmain, while amazing, might be a little out of my reach seeing as how it costs over $5,000. Does the fact that she’s a minority and a woman formerly in an abusive relationship cancel out the potential disregard for gays? I’m going to have to answer that with a big Y-E-S.

One of my favorite fashion blogs is world renown The Sartorialist. I’m not sure “who” this girl is wearing but the way she put that outfit together is nothing short of spectacular. Hello! Looking for a bit of andro-inspiration? Look no further.

An old tried and true of mine, has a few options if you’re drafting new items you should certainly try and recruit there. As always the price is right but the cuter they are the faster they go so get ’em while you can. I’ve taken the liberty of pulling a couple for you to contemplate.

Are you an army brat or an adamantly against?