Morning Brew: Thursday, March 18

Hey good lookin’.

I have really good news for people who were big into Sleater-Kinney. Lesbian member o’ the band, Carrie Brownstein, has successfully transitioned into a music writer and now actress since the band’s demise. But she is finally returning to music in a new band that includes her old SK bandmate Janet Weiss. Although she doesn’t give much more detail on the new outfit, she does say that she could see a new album come out from Sleater-Kinney in “the next five years.” Grown up riot grrls, rejoice!

MEN are one of the queer bands playing SXSW this year, and JD Samson and co. took some time to answer questions from My favorite: What’s your musical guilty pleasure? The response:

Well, we’re really into the classic lesbian songs by the Indigo Girls and like that. Pretty much anything super gay, we love it. It’s our most favorite thing in the entire world, no matter how cheesy or poppy it is. I guess we don’t feel guilty about listening to it, because we’re really into it, but some people might think it’s really lame.

It’s refreshing to hear someone embrace those kinds of tunes instead of push themselves farther away from “lesbian” music.

Guess who has a premiere date? The Real L Word will debut on Sunday, June 20 at 10 p.m. Can you hardly wait?

The sci-fi film Earthling (not to be confused with the initial genius name of The L Word) made its debut at SXSW and features a lesbian student named Abby who hooks up with her teacher, Jude, and also attempts to “impregnate” one of her peers with an “alien slug baby.” io9 has a full review with clips.

Queering Edgar Allen Poe is cool, in theory. The Pit and the Pendulum is now on DVD, complete with gay characters and lesbian makeout scenes. Here’s the trailer.

The Pro Tennis Internet Network has a tribute to Billie Jean King. Memorize her stats to rattle off as a fun party trick!

I know you’ve all been wondering how Lily Loveless‘s grandma feels about her playing gay on Skins. Lily says her whole family is proud of her work:

My gran sent me a postcard that said, “Well done on your lezzy role.”

Word to your gran, Lily.

The lesbian that was on What Not to Wear talked with her local paper and said she had a fine experience being told her fashion sucked. Anne Concemi told the Andover Townsman, “I don’t fit into the [lesbian] stereotype at all, but I’d never dress like a housewife of the Orange County either.” Now Anne says she is more in tune with what to look for. “I know the sizes, I know the fit, and I know what just does not look good,” she said.

See you tomorrow!