Morning Brew: Tuesday, March 30

Good day, gaydies!

Drew Barrymore is promoting Whip It in the UK this week and, in an interview with the Times, she talked about how she sees herself as a tomboy, which led to her discussing her attraction to women:

I think I am extremely androgynous. I’m like a 13- or 14-year-old boy who loves fun music and hot chicks and sport, and I like empowerment and women who are capable and humorous. … I just appreciate women and whether I fall in love with their minds or their hearts and their talents, that is really what gets me hot.

Did she just remember she told us all she was bisexual? I guess she’s so busy she just forgot to put lesbians in Whip It.(Thanks RainbowSheep!)

Super gay gossip columnist Michael Musto talked with Beth Ditto for Paper magazine’s Beautiful People issue.

She discusses her now ex-boyfriend, Freddie Fagula, fame and how she’d be fine without it, and how she can talk to anyone, even a lamppost. What a lucky lamppost!

You might have heard that Ricky Martin came out, and then breathed a huge sigh of relief for his closet — it’s so sick of him! has put together a list of celebs they’d like to see come out. Included: Queen Latifah and Michelle Rodriguez. I can think of a few of my own I’d love to see, but for now I’ll settle for a former Menudo member.

A new documentary called Hood to Coast follows four teams of not-so-athletic people trying to run a difficult race. One of the women is a lesbian named Rachel Larsen. The film made its debut at SXSW and will be in theaters this fall. It takes place in Oregon, which is pretty gay in itself.

Now more than ever, I’d like to move to Australia — or at least have their TV shows available to me. A new show called I Rock is filmed like The Office, following an up-and-coming rock group, Boy Crazy Stacey (named after a Babysitter’s Club book — amazing) and their attempts to become famous. One of the band members is Comet, a bisexual musician who is dating the lesbian frontwoman of an all-girl band. Check out the preview and Aussies, set your Tivo for May 3.

Think you are Ellen‘s biggest fan? Think again. You haven’t written her a song and recorded a video of it while wearing an “Ellen” sweatshirt.

Now that just makes me feel lazy. Can I pretend is an Ellen fansite? “Oh Ellen, I love you Ellennn.”