Debate Team: Is it ever OK to date your friend’s ex?

It’s been one year since Shane McCutcheon bed-hopped her way off our TV screens, and her presence has been greatly missed. The upcoming Real L Word series promises drama, though I doubt it can compete with Shane’s sexual infamany.

Why was Shane so talked about? Her limitless love for the ladies. She even stole dated the girlfriends of her girlfriends. (See Alice’s Chart for the details.)

Which begs the question: Is it ever OK to date your friend’s ex? 

Hollywood has taken partner-swapping to a whole new level with many movie plots revolving around family members who swap partners; The Other Boleyn Girl, The Family Stone, American Sweethearts, Dan in Real Life, just to name a few. My sister and I are both gay, and I would never date one of her exes and she would never date any of mine — mainly because we’re both married and our wives would be pissed!

On the other side, I have a friend who dated her best friend’s ex. The new couple got married and the best friend was the maid of honor. The couple now have a child together.  

You can’t chose who you love but can you chose to avoid your friend’s ex?