The Weekly Geek: Flirting with girls in “Mass Effect 2”

Geeks, I have a confession to make. I cannot stop playing “Mass Effect 2.” If you’re a gamer, it’s likely that you played this baby back in January when it released, and if you’re not, you may recall the name, since the first game featured the hottest lesbian sex scene that video gaming has ever produced, which sparked some controversy back in 2007.

And while the actual sex is toned down this time around (probably because of the aforementioned controversy), the game is phenomenal, and certainly impressive in terms of sheer girl power and inclusion of queer (or potentially queer) characters. No fewer than three main female characters express potential interest in women (and yourself, should you choose to play that way), and you can date your totally cute assistant, Kelly.

OK, maybe that’s mixing business with pleasure, and it’s not as cool as the full fledged “romance” option with Liara in the first game, but any game that lets me flirt with girls and shoot bad guys and fly around the galaxy is an easy win in my book.

If anyone at BioWare (the development team) is listening, please make Jack (the badass, butch bisexual with the awesome tats) “romance-able” next time. Pretty please? In fact, if you could just release a little patch that would make this possible in the current game (and it is, within the available code), then I would be a very happy little camper.

I’ve torn myself away from “ME2” long enough to discover that there’s a brand new mini webisode available for True Blood, the best vampires-in-real-life series, bar none. In fevered anticipation for the third season, HBO is releasing “Drops of True Blood,” and this one features the mischievous, murderous Jessica.

From Geek Tyrant:

Show creator Alan Ball is overseeing all of these minisodes, all of which have been shot on location and features all the lead characters Sookie, Bill, Eric, Tara, Sam, Jason, Lafayette, Jessica, and Pam and are all between 3-5 minutes in length.

June 13 really can’t come soon enough.