Morning Brew: Monday, May 10

Hi all!

How awesome was Betty White on SNL this weekend? My favorite line was definitely during the “Gingey” sketch: “Just let her stay home and lez!” Seriously, we never get a chance to do that enough.

I am beginning to think that Legend of the Seeker has the hottest lesbian action on TV today. This weekend’s episode, “Eternity,” had Cara and Dahlia getting real close.

If you like the show, and want to see a third season after next week’s two-part finale, check out

Lesbian Love‘s Jessica and Lacey are in Glamour magazine this month, discussing their recent nuptials. Here’s a screencap, courtesy of the happy couple themselves on Facebook.

The Girl Who Played With Fire played in Sweden this weekend as part of a film festival called “Northern Exposures: Social Change and Sexuality in Swedish Cinema, 1913-2010.” A review from the Wall Street Journal notes that the film (the second in the three-part series based on the Stieg Larsson novels) had the audience gasping and they “covered their eyes (at least this reporter did) during some sexually gruesome scenes,” but “the scenes come off as neither gratuitous nor exploitative.”

Here’s the trailer. Note the millisecond of Lisbeth and Miriam, whose relationship is a part of the film and its sequel.

Can’t wait to see it in July in the U.S., despite the descriptions of violence and rape. I just want to see Noomi Rapace kick some serious ass.

Lesbian filmmaker Tina DiFeliciantonio and writer Jane C. Wagner will open their movie Whiz Kids on June 4. The documentary follows “three remarkably different yet equally passionate 17-year-old scientists who vie to compete in the nation’s oldest, most prestigious science competition.” Nerds and gay women, check it out in select cities next month.

If you’re into scary films and and live in Texas, check out “Fears for Queers,” an LGBT horror film fest happening June 19. The line-up includes Stacie Ponder‘s Taste of Flesh, Taste of Fear.

This weekend’s New York Times had a feature on two-character productions, including Collected Stories, a Broadway play starring Sarah Paulson. The out actress also talked with New York Magazine, telling them her favorite drink (tequila,) her mortal enemy (Sarah Palin) and what she hates about living in New York (nothing).

A former Biggest Loser contestant, who entered the competition with her husband at the time, has now come out as a lesbian. Rasha Spindel told TMZ:

After 30 years, I finally realized I was gay. I have never been this happy as I am now as I am about to marry my best friend and soul mate who just happens to be the sexiest drag-king on the planet.

Rasha is set to marry her GF, Vanna Pecaroao at a private ceremony in August. I wonder if close proximity to Jillian Michaels had anything to do with her revelation!

See you Tuesday!