Morning Brew: Tuesday, May 11

Morning friends! Thanks for coming back.

Amanda Seyfried was on Chelsea Lately this week and talked very pleasantly about her lesbian scenes and making out with Julianne Moore.

I always get so scared when Amanda talks about her girl-on-girl scenes. They are usually accompanied by an eyeroll. Chelsea Handler is the one that can make her say, straight up, she likes doing lesbian scenes.

In a Telegraph interview with bisexual poet laurete Carol Ann Duffy, she says she was outed when her father caught her reading The Well of Loneliness. Duffy said:

I think I was 12. I remember finding it very boring. Well, it is boring. There was a fuss and my father took it back to the library.

Something tells me your father must have read the book, Carol Ann. He himself was very familiar with the context to get so angry!

In a shocking turn of events, The Advocate has decided to put another lesbian on its cover this year. Cynthia Nixon looks stunning in this month’s issue, where she talks about Sex and the City 2, gay rights activism and her partner, Christine Marinoni. An excerpt:

She’s like a short man with boobs. A lot of what I love about her is her butchness. I’m not saying I fell in love with her in a sexually neutral way. I love her sexuality — it’s a big part of what I love about her — but I feel like it was her.

God I love Cynthia. I’m totally a Miranda.

Jackie Warner‘s This is Why You’re Fat has made it onto the New York Times’ Best Seller List at number three. Right above her? Jillian MichaelsThe Master Your Metabolism Cookbook. That’s right America — get your advice from gay women!

An reader has a podcast I think you’ll really dig. It’s called Femslash4Fans and is focused on fan fiction about lesbian characters. This week, she’ll be talking to Angela Robinson and Alexandra Kondrake about Girltrash! All Night Long, live on air.

We’ve got an exclusive still of Annette Bening playing a lesbian mom in The Kids Are All Right, which opens in theaters July 7. It appears she enjoys life and wine.

And another of how adorable she and Julianne are as a couple.

Have a great day!