Morning Brew: Wednesday, May 12

Happy Humpday!

ABC Family might have canceled our teen lesbian on 10 Things I Hate About You, but there’s something even better on the horizon and it’s called Pretty Little Liars. reader Sarah wrote in to let us know that the TV adaptation of the popular youth adult novels has one major lesbian character, Emily, who is keeping her sexuality a secret from her friends.

The plot centers around four friends whose BFF Alison goes missing — but they keep getting text messages about their secrets from an elusive “A.” But when Alison turns up dead, things really start to get interesting.

Emily is played by Shay Mitchell, and her character ends up in a relationship with Maya, played by Bianca Lawson (who you might remember from Buffy). And in even better news? There’s a lesbian head writer/producer, Marlene King, on staff of the show, which means, hopefully, we can count on it being handled well. Tune in June 8 for the premiere.

Amanda Palmer will be starring as the androgynous emcee in a production of Cabaret in Cambridge, Mass. at The American Repertory Theater next fall. If anyone should play this role, it’s her, although John Stamos has at one time, as well. I wonder if that’s the only thing these two have in common.

Straight male dude Latin rock band Ozomatli has written a song for us! It’s called “Gay Vatos in Love,” and the band members say they believe everyone deserves equal love and civil rights. Here are some of the lyrics:

Gaby and Mando walking through the park
Looking for love in protection of the dark
Club Cobra, a temple in the night,
The more I hear of Morrissey, the more I feel alright

Gay Vatos in Love

Javi and Kique with their girlfriends in the car
Fronting on Crenshaw knowing who they are
Juan Gabriel says, “amor es amor”
But Angie Zapata is lying on the dance floor

Check out the video with the band talking about writing the song and support them, supporting you by downloading the track on iTunes.

Sad news! The Sarah Silverman Program has been canceled. No more lesbian police officer Tig? There was never enough of her anyway.

Meanwhile, Being Erica has gotten a third season. Will we ever see more of her bisexuality, or was she just a lesbian for a brief moment in college?

Joan Jett has a cameo in the film Multiple Sarcasms. She plays the lead singer in a rock band circa 1987. It’s in select theaters now, and stars Dana Delany, Mira Sorvino and Stockard Channing.

Until tomorrow!