Morning Brew: Friday, May 14

You know, I thought I was done with the bad news in yesterday’s brew. Unfortunately, it looks like I have some more to report.

FlashForward has officially been canceled, which means no more lesbian FBI agent Janis Hawk. Christine Woods will star in a new NBC series called Perfect Couples where she will be very, very straight.

Better Off Ted has also gotten the axe, so Portia de Rossi will no longer be on our TV screens regularly. I’m trying to look at this as a positive thing — now she has more time to work on the Arrested Development film.

Perhaps the saddest to me, though, is the cancellation of The Wanda Sykes Show. Wanda still has a role on The New Adventures of Old Christine, but that show is also very close to being cut as well.

We’ll have a full report on where this leaves us with lesbians on TV later today.

The Guardian has written a piece called “Lady Sovereign comes out — does anybody care?” Do we need to write another piece like the “5 Reasons Chely Wright’s Coming Out Matters?” Several of those points ring true for Sov and anyone else, starting with the fact that everyone’s coming out matters. They pose the question, “But what do you think — is it important for a musician to be out, or is it nobody’s business but their own?” My response: Sexuality is personal, but being open about it is a choice about honesty and authenticity — one that several musicians have been making lately. The only thing that doesn’t “matter” is what level of celebrity they are because, again, everyone’s coming out matters.

BlackBook magazine has listed their top Law & Order celebrity guest stars, including Cynthia Nixon as the woman with multiple personality disorder and Kathy Griffin as the lesbian who came out as bisexual and tried to kiss Mariska Hargitay. I’d like to add both Katherine Moennig appearances to that list.

Cherry Jones talked with Entertainment Weekly about playing the President on 24. When asked if fans tell her they’d like her to be the real POTUS, she replied:

Yes, to which I would reply, “Oh no, you must be grateful and joyful that we’ve got the president we have.” I would tell them to wash their mouths out with soap to utter such a thought.

Check out these lesbian power couples, as pictured in Vice.

Killer Films producer Christine Vachon and Marlene McCarty

Jenny Shimizu and Susi Kenna

Artist iO Tillett Wright and performer Kate Atherton

Writer Liz Armstrong and artist Shantell Martin

Eileen Myles and writer Leopoldine Core

Artist Kathryn Garcia and curator
Sarvia Jasso

There’s one other picture I can’t show you because it’s NSFW. Power nipple! Amazing pictorial, Vice.

See, it’s not all bad news this week! Come back later for another Hot 100 preview.