Morning Brew: Wednesday, May 19

Morning guys! Don’t forget that Chely Wright is on Oprah today. Bret Michaels, too, in case you like how supportive he is of lesbian action on Rock of Love.

Lindsay Lohan has denied rumors that she is dating photographer Indrani. Specifically, she told Us Magazine, “No, no, no… In NO way am I dating her.” Do you think she’s sure?

Idina Menzel continues to tease Glee fans with the full details of her role on the show, especially in relation to Lea Michele. Idina told People:

Maybe I’m going to be Lea’s lesbian lover. You never know! That would probably be really inappropriate because she’s playing [a character who is] 16.

That and you kind of look alike, Idina, which would only further the “lesbians are narcissists” myth. I’ll save my big lesbian hope for Brittany and Santana.

A web series about teens, Orange Juice in Bishop’s Garden, is developing a lesbian relationship between characters Sarah and Gwen. Check out the latest episode, in which they finally get close.

Speaking of web series, you’ll appreciate the humor of Tello FilmsWebseries the Webseries. It’s about a straight out-of-work actress who finds that she has a huge lesbian following based on the time she played gay in an episode of a cop show. Here’s the first episode:

Remind you of anyone we know? Everyone we know? I love when we can make fun of ourselves.

CBS has canceled The New Adventures of Old Christine, which means Wanda Sykes is really available.

The Daily Beast recently talked with Edie Falco about her own lesbian following. An excerpt:

Daily Beast: You do have a whole lesbian fanbase. You are aware of that.

Edie Falco: I know. I’ve been told about that. It’s thrilling. Maybe it’s because my character on Nurse Jackie doesn’t take a lot of s–it. Not that that means that’s a lesbian thing.

Daily Beast: But they were your fans back during your Carmela days, too.

Edie Falco: Really! Wow! Then I don’t friggin’ know why.

Daily Beast: Have you ever buttered that side of your toast?

Edie Falco: I beg your pardon! I am so not going there. Wow. I’ve never heard it put that way either. But no. I’m afraid I like boys.

Well, now we know. There’s still hope for Eve Best!

Salon chatted with Amie Klempnauer Miller, lesbian mom and author of the new memoir She Looks Just Like You. It’s a great read, even if you aren’t into producing children of your own. Amie on how her daughter Hannah decides what to call her moms:

Jane is “mommy.” I’m “mama.” I like “mama” in particular because I never used it for my own mother, and it’s recognized by the outside world as a real word for mother. Hannah discovered when she was about 4 or 5 that other people are still very confused by this, so to people in the outside world she’ll often refer to us as Amy and Jane. I’d been warned by other people, “What are you going to call yourselves?” “It’s so confusing, you’d better not have a kid!” It’s funny how when we have names for something, it becomes more real.

Sharon Stone told More magazine that people think she’s “a lesbian, ill or trying to take [another woman’s man]” because she attends black tie events alone. I always thought the lesbian idea came from If These Walls Could Talk 2.

I can’t believe the interviewer didn’t follow that up with “Have you ever buttered that side of your toast?” Missed opportunity.

See you Thursday!